Will Your Dog #PoopandTell?

Is your dog going to #poopandtell550x300_PoopandTell

While you might be great about picking up after your dogs, that sure doesn't stop them from choosing some interesting times and places to do their business. Poop is an everyday reality for any pet parent, and we’re betting that many of you have some hilarious stories about your dog’s funny or downright embarrassing pooping experiences.

Your dog may have a wonderfully carefree attitude towards when and where to let it rip, but we’re guessing you might have a different take on their pooping nonchalance. And you’re not alone! We're making it easy for you to share your dog's embarrassing stories, while winning awesome prizes along the way!

In partnership with Earth Rated®, makers of fun and affordable poop bags, Victoria Stilwell Positively has created the #poopandtell campaign to give you (and your dogs) the chance to share the most embarrassing place they've ever pooped with the entire world!

Our friends at Earth Rated® have had their share of embarrassing poop problems:  “Anyone with a dog knows that poop is a fact of life! We’ve got you covered for when things get out of hand, but our dogs have definitely gotten us into some stinky situations!”

As for Victoria, her dogs always manage to poop in some pretty cringe-worthy places. "My dog Jasmine always likes to poop when I've stopped to talk to someone on a walk. There's nothing worse than trying to carry on a conversation while picking up poop at the same time!"


You can also win by submitting your dog's photo via Twitter or Instagram -- just use the hashtag #poopandtell!

Each week during the month of April, we'll select some of our favorite entries, send them some awesome prizes, and feature them on both Victoria's and Earth Rated®'s social media accounts. We can't wait to read your hilarious stories!

Convince your dog to #poopandtell today!



Earth Rated® is a company of dog lovers who want to help other pet parents do their part. Dog waste is an environmental hazard that affects our every day life and can make dogs and people sick! We provide affordable and fun products to keep communities clean, so that all dogs (and their humans!) have safe spaces to run and play.

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