Guess the Identity of Victoria’s New Friend Contest

Victoria has recently been spending time with a new special friend.  Can you guess who it is?

Every day from July 12 through July 19 Victoria will be posting new clues as to the identity of her new mystery friend on this page as well as her Facebook and Twitter feeds.  Once you think you know the correct answer, enter your guess and be automatically entered into a worldwide contest to win up to $100 worth of personalized Victoria Stilwell merchandise!

But wait until you're sure to enter - you can only enter once and the clues will get more specific as the contest progresses.

Daily Clues from Victoria's Mystery Friend:

  • I'm very brave.
  • I work in the entertainment industry.
  • I have big, pointy ears.
  • I love helping kids with special needs.
  • People often think I'm something that I'm not.
  • I'm the 14th in my line of ancestors.
  • I have a tail.
  • I was named after a puppet.


How to Enter the free Contest:

  1. Click on the "Sweepstakes" link on the left side of Victoria's Official Facebook page.
  2. Enter on the Official Contest Page by clicking the button below.

*Note*  This contest is worldwide and entries will be accepted from all countries.

The winner will be selected randomly from all correctly completed contest entries and notified by July 20th, 2011.

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7 thoughts on “Guess the Identity of Victoria’s New Friend Contest

  1. Maggi

    heey victoria,
    I am getting a puppy on July 31st, Hes an english golden retriever and i get the oppurtunity to pick him in the litter. How do I know how ot pick the dog for me?
    much thanks!

  2. Cat

    I have had good success just by standing and looking at a litter. When 1 puppy walks away from the pack and sits down in front of me, I pick that one. This method may not work for everyone, but it has worked for me. You didn't say how old the puppies are, but they have been around 7 or 8 weeks when I've done this. Getting puppies earlier than that has not allowed them enough time with their mother and litter mates. They learn things like bite inhibition and getting along with other dogs from the litter and mum. Once they're mobile, mum starts leading them away from the nesting area and this makes potty training much easier for you.

    Browse the internet looking for articles about puppy temperament testing, especially about which puppy temperament is suited to you. Puppies that have temperaments that are generally rated A, B, C, D, or E, or some such.
    A C rated puppy will be suitable for about anyone, experienced or not. A or E rated puppies CAN be difficult if you aren't a very experienced dog person. A's can be very dominating and pushy. E's can be very bashful and shy, they won't easily accept new people or changes in their lives. B,C and D rated puppies will take some training efforts. Positive training from the start to encourage interest and curiosity for the D puppies. Positive training to direct the B puppies in the correct way to keep them from learning bad habits.
    Remember it's much easier to teach puppies to be good members of the family then to change their bad behavior later.

    Good luck with your puppy search!

  3. bunnyk

    Maggi, you would be more appropriately served if you took this question over to the forums. You are unlikely to get a response from Victoria here.



  4. Christina Monet

    Hi Maggi,
    Congratulations on being able to have a puppy! I'm no expert - my parents had a puppy - but we wont go there! Having watched loads of 'It's Me Or The Dog (+ & USA)' I'm interested in what others will say.... I wouldn't be without my dog and plan to get another one when he's a year old.
    Assuming you have done all the normal checks for picking a breeder, I would definitely have a chat with the breeder and have a conversation about your personality and lifestyle. The breeder should be able to recommend which pup would be compatible with you. Then when you handle the pups, check their ears, teeth and eyes for general health and don't be scared to ask questions (i.e. if you're quite shy, retiring people, you don't want the lively cheeky chappy of the bunch!!). I've know people who bought pure breeds and then hindsight they would never have gone there... however they have lovely dogs and worked through their differences! Best of Luck

  5. Meghan Riegler


    I am studying to become a dog trainer and recently learned about this topic. Along with other people's advice, the best way to decide on the right dog is to look at their overall energy and activity level. Temperament tests are good, but considering they are puppies, the temperament can change once they become adults. It all depends on your lifestyle-I'm sure you will make a great decision. Really do ask the breeder as many questions as you need! They should be experts on the breed and good breeders love to help you out to make sure their pups are in the right hands. (Plus, most people LOVE to talk about their dogs). As long as you did your research on finding a good breeder, you will be just fine, Good luck!

  6. Thundersnow

    Maggi- Congrats! I have always felt that all my animals chose me( 2dogs,5cats,4 horses) but truthfully, whether you pick or someone picks for you, you will get the right companion so my advice is -Relax! Like Cat, I have always loved on the litter so they get my smell, and then just waited-your puppy will "declare' him/her self. My Border actually sat down in front of my foot and barked the rest of the litter back! He was 3 weeks old (of course, I waited until he was 7 weeks to take him home) My Lab stopped playing, walked over to me and sat down. They don't speak English, but they communicate plenty! Best Wishes to you and your new Pup. Be ready to learn-I think they have more to teach us than we have to teach them!

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