Victoria’s Power of Positive Training Seminar Comes to NJ

Power of Positive Training Seminar - NJ - Oct 19-20Victoria will be bringing her popular 2-day seminar - The Power of Positive Training -to the Jersey Shore this fall. Presented by Monmouth County Underdogs and The Inner Dog dog training, this rare, two-day event will be held in Lincroft, NJ on October 19-20, 2013.

Attendees to this limited-capacity, intimate event will learn about how to apply Victoria's proven, science-based, force-free training techniques to their relationships with their pets by emphasizing ways to help the dog learn more effectively and humanely. Specific behavioral issues will be addressed by Victoria while she takes the audience on a journey behind the scenes of It's Me or the Dog, providing a unique look at how her hit TV show is filmed.

The second day of the seminar will focus on aggression issues and how to use the power of positive training to address even the most severe behavioral cases without the use of pain, fear and intimidation.

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Take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet Victoria in person, learn about cutting-edge training concepts and techniques, and share in Victoria's passion for promoting safe, balanced, relationship-building with dogs based on mutual trust, respect and love.

Topics Include:

Day One: The Power of Positive Training

  • Behind the Scenes of It’s Me or the Dog
  • The Bond – Exploring the Human/Canine Relationship
  • What is Positive Training?
  • The Dangers of Dominance
  • How to Make Learning Fun for you and your Dog
  • The Power of Positive Motivation
  • Canine Sensory Education – Learn how your Dog Perceives the World
  • Why is Play so Important?
  • Understand your Dog - Learning Canine Body and Vocal Language and Improve your Communication
  • Solutions to Common Behaviour Issues


Day two: Stress, Anxiety, Fear and Aggression in Dogs

  • What is Aggression? Understanding Aggressive Behavior
  • Why Do Dogs Become Aggressive?
  • The Dominance Myth
  • Emotional Experience-Stress, Anxiety and Fear-Understanding the Canine Nervous System
  • Categorizing Aggressive Behavior – from Lead Aggression to Resource Guarding
  • Assessing and Changing Aggressive Behavior
  • Dealing with Aggression in a Shelter Environment
  • Preventing Aggressive Behavior
  • Children and Dogs - Safety and Responsibility


The Power of Positive Training Seminar Ticket Information:

  • Early-bird discount for two-day admission (book before August 15, 2013):  $180
  • Standard two-day admission (after August 15, 2013): $200
  • Group Ticket Price (4 or more):  $175
  • Held at Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ
  • Ticket fee includes lunch both days
  • Portion of all proceeds go directly to local rescue organizations
  • One-day admission:  Available after September 15, 2013
  • Buy Tickets Here

Produced in partnership with VSPDT trainer Sam Wike.



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7 thoughts on “Victoria’s Power of Positive Training Seminar Comes to NJ

  1. Fran

    Above says it will be held at Brookdale Community College, Middle Township, NJ. The college is in Lincroft, NJ, which is part of MIDDLETOWN Township, although I think people will be confused if you say Middletown, Township. Everything on the College website refers to Lincroft, for that particular campus.

  2. Sam wike

    Fran- good catch. We'll make the correction to Lincroft. Lois- if you go the registration page, under the FAQs are a list of nearby hotels.

  3. Debbie Dobson

    What are the hours? I live close enough to drive each day, but didn't see anything about the start/end times.

  4. admin1

    Hi Debbie,

    The seminar runs from 10am-5pm both days, but doors open for registration at 9am. Hope to see you there!

  5. Kirsten Westhoven

    How close to capacity is the seminar? I have an infant in NICU (5 weeks early, no issues except learning how to eat)so I can't commit to the seminar unless & until I know when PJ would be coming home. Is. There a number I could call if all is well the day before to reserve a ticket?
    Also, is this a hands on working seminar, do participants bring a dog?
    Thank you!

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