Victoria’s New Puppy Book Now Available!

Victoria Stilwell’s 5th book entitled “The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Puppy: How to Train and Care for Your New Dog” is available beginning October 1, 2019 in the US.

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Following the success of her previous books (including It’s Me or the Dog: How To Have the Perfect Pet, Train Your Dog Positively, and The Secret Language of Dogs) this newest work from the bestselling author, TV personality and world-renowned dog behavior expert focuses on the early canine years.

This informative guide is packed with the latest information to help owners choose a pup, integrate it into the home, and negotiate each stage of growth, from toilet training to teaching valuable life skills like resilience, play, and walking on leash.

Chapters and sections include:

Chapter 1: Before the Beginning

  • Early Development
  • Enrichment and Brain Development
  • Picking Your Puppy

Chapter 2: Everything’s a First

  • Preparation and Safety
  • The Right Equipment
  • What Your Puppy Wants
  • Building a Bond
  • Giving Your Puppy Choice
  • The Loud Puppy
  • The Healthy Puppy
  • Feeding Your Puppy

Chapter 3: Teaching Life Skills

  • Raising a Resilient Puppy
  • Handling Your Puppy
  • Coping with Human Greeting Behavior
  • Training Your Puppy
  • Communicating with Your Puppy
  • Puppy Language
  • Decoding Vocal Language
  • Chewing Skills
  • Nipping and Mouthing Skills
  • Toileting Skills
  • Recall Skills (Coming When Called)
  • Play Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Walking Skills
  • Leash Skills

Chapter 4: Empowering Your Puppy

  • The Power of Choice
  • Intelligence and the Five Cognitive Dimensions
  • The Five Cognitive Dimensions
  • The Power of Sense
  • Preventing Fear Behavior
  • Choice-Centered Training
  • What Would Your Puppy Say?

Chapter 5: The Ups and Downs of Adolescence

  • Adolescent Exuberance
  • Adolescent Fear
  • Impulsivity
  • Reactivity
  • Neutering
  • Scent Marking
  • Humping
  • Mine!
  • Muzzle Training
  • Providing Enrichment


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