Victoria’s Live Show Coming to Finland

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Victoria is coming to Finland next year! Here's a message from her about the upcoming event:

Finland, here I come! I'm thrilled to be a part of the Hau-Hau Champion Event in August 2015. I'll be coming to Helsinki to take part in an amazing event in the Helsinki Olympic Stadium. The event includes an evening live show I'm doing on Friday, August 21st. I can't believe I've been given the opportunity to hold a live event in an Olympic stadium--wow! That's certainly a first for me, and will be one of the largest venues I've spoken in to date.

Thanks for having me, Finland! I can't wait to see all that this beautiful country has to offer. I'd love to hear your recommendations for places I should check out while I'm there--leave them in the comments below!

You don't want to miss this rare chance to see me live in Finland! I'm looking forward to speaking to and meeting dog lovers and dog professionals from around the world.

Tickets are on sale now, so hurry and get yours! I look forward to seeing many of you there.


Buy tickets here. 


Hau-Hau Champion juhlii 60-vuotistaivaltaan ja kutsuu kaikki koirien ystävät Eläköön koirat! –suurtapahtumaan Helsingin Olympiastadionille 21.–23.8.2015.HauHau_Banner_180x150px

Ohjelmistosta löydät tietoa koiran koulutuksesta ja hyvinvoinnista, pääset tutustumaan eri koirarotuihin, harrastuksiin ja koirajärjestöihin, osallistumaan Match Show’hun sekä näkemään agilityn huiput kisaamassa ainutlaatuisella Olympiastadionilla.

Kolmipäiväisen tapahtuman avajaispäivän pääesiintyjänä nähdään englantilainen Victoria Stilwell, joka on tullut tutuksi muun muassa Suomessakin esitetystä TV-ohjelmasta Isännän ja koiran käytöskoulu (eng. It’s Me or the Dog). Nykyään Yhdysvalloissa asuva Stilwell tunnetaan positiivista vahvistamista tukevan koulutusmetodin uranuurtajana.

Liput myynnissä Lippupisteessä.



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2 thoughts on “Victoria’s Live Show Coming to Finland

  1. Fan

    Welcome to Finland Victoria Stilwell! We are excited to have you!

    I am recommending visiting (addition to the capital) Lake Saimaa and Lapland in Finland! Those are beautiful places because of their nature. During summertime you can experience the nightless night especially in Lapland.

  2. Just another visitor

    I would recommend you a visit to Eläinsuojelukeskus Tuulispää, which is a sanctuary for all kinds of animals. There aren't that many dogs, but if you're interested in other animals and their wellbeing, you should go there. It's a small place on the countryside, so you'll see some of Finlands nature aswell.

    A visit to this sanctuary is an extremely positive experience, there every animal is handled with a respect they deserve without cruelty or abuse.

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