Victoria to appear at Virginia Greyhound Rocks event

Victoria has been asked to be the featured guest at a fundraising event on behalf of Fredericksburg, Virginia's Greyhound Rocks on November 12, 2011.

This 501(c)3 organization's goals are to raise awareness and funds to support Canine Cancer Research, to honor the dogs that are or have been affected by this disease, and to offer encouragement and education to the people who love them.

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One thought on “Victoria to appear at Virginia Greyhound Rocks event

  1. Marlene Downig

    I have a greyhound.. my 3rd one.. the one I had rode i the side car of my motorcycle and she loved it --all I had to say you want to go bye bye and she would jump in and sit down.... thie grey I have now is very skiddish doesn't sit on command and can't be bribed with treats to do what you want... I want tot each her to ride and my kids don't think she can be taught..... what do you think... I say she is a dog and they can be trained...

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