Victoria Supports RSPCA’s Born to Suffer Campaign

Victoria is proud to support the RSPCA's 'Born to Suffer' campaign, which raises awareness of the issues surrounding some of the current breeding standards of several popular breeds.  Find out more about the campaign, including how you help by signing the petition, by visiting the RSPCA's official campaign site.

"I have nothing against dog showing and nothing against responsible breeders," says Stilwell. "But what I do have something against is breeding animals just for the way we want them to look, even though that animal is compromised both physically and, a lot of the time, mentally. So we have to change. Why are we destroying these animals just because we like the way they look?"

Listen to Victoria discussing the issue on a recent episode of her Positively Podcast.

Watch Victoria's statement regarding the issue:

Read an article about the issue.

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3 thoughts on “Victoria Supports RSPCA’s Born to Suffer Campaign

  1. Lesley

    I would really like to know more about this issue. I watched the Pedigree documentary and I really enjoyed it. I would like to know about the AKC's stance on these issues and if the US is doing anything differently. If you could share any US info that you know of it would be very beneficial to me, thanks!

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