Victoria on the Today Show Friday 1/8

logo-todayVictoria will be on NBC's The Today Show Friday, January 8th demonstrating positive reinforcement techniques with local shelter dogs while discussing the new season of It's Me or the DogClick here to watch the video.

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3 thoughts on “Victoria on the Today Show Friday 1/8

  1. pejay

    ms,vicoria is great the way she trains dogs is unbeivable. you go girl. you are the best.. i wish your show was on every day and night, i i would be in front of the telly fouever watching you. al so will you do some videos about rottis anytime soon, my most favorite dod out of all breeds. my last rottie died when we were fleeing from hurricaine katrina and rita, i would cut a hand off for one like the one i l had. but i cannot afford one. i sometimes go without eatting for two to four days, a friend lets me live in there home for now. i have eplilepsy also but dont take med. for it too expensive. anyway i digress, please to a show about rottilers thanks

  2. dontpugme

    pejay, do you live in texas? louisiana? We took our dog with us when we evacuated. There was an episode of IMOD called Dog Days of Summer, i think. One of the dogs, Justice, was a rottie, but she didn't have very serious behavior problems. In fact, her owner said she was just perfect. She was overweight, like her doggy housemates, Guinness and Jovie.

  3. Joan Luo

    We love to watch "It's Me or the Dog". On which TV channel can we find "It's me or the Dog"? After HDTV is implemented, we can not find the channel "Animal Planet" anymore. Can you help? We live in Naperville, IL. USA.

    Thanks and Regards,


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