Victoria on Regis & Kelly Live August 4th

Victoria will be a featured guest on Regis & Kelly Live on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010.  On the show, she will demonstrate her top positive reinforcement training tips to Regis and Kelly using local shelter dogs while discussing the VSPDT network and It's Me or the Dog.

Check local listings here.

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7 thoughts on “Victoria on Regis & Kelly Live August 4th

  1. Hannah

    I am so excited! I love Victoria and use positive reward training for my dog and my 2 new puppies. Victoria is the best!!!

  2. vina

    i am obsessed with watching her, just in case she shows me new tricks. I have a new dog, and everything i have learned from her is instant gratification. Victoria makes training a dog so fun and not frustrating!! Regis and Kelly with be on my DVR setting, along with Its me or the Dog

  3. Brad Waggoner

    Wow great exposure for R+ training. The word is getting out. Thank you Victoria for being at he AVSAB conference this past weekend to help vets understand a better way.

  4. Stacey

    I'm looking forward to seeing Victoria on Regis and Kelly. She has great insight on how to train dogs. We recently got a puppy, and I know if we can train our cats to sit using Victoria's training tips, then we can certainly train our new puppy.

  5. Pam

    Nice segment. Does anyone know what kind of dog the bigger black one was she was using on the show?

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