Victoria to train Marmaduke movie contest winner

Victoria is proud to be offering a free, in-home training session to one lucky winner of a new sweepstakes contest promoting the upcoming Marmaduke motion picture starring Owen Wilson.  Entries can be submitted to the "Live Large & In Charge" sweepstakes between April 28 and June 4, 2010, and a winner will be drawn at random on June 7th.  As the grand prize, Victoria will fly to the winner's house and conduct a complementary training session with the dog and winning family.

For information about how to enter the Marmaduke sweepstakes, click here.

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14 thoughts on “Victoria to train Marmaduke movie contest winner

  1. Jeremy Cooper

    We would love to have Victoria work with our dogs. We have two right now. Victoria has met on of the dogs back when she was doing the casting call in Roswell, Ga. That was Van Camp, since then we have taken in a foster dog who lost his home due to a fire. We have had him for about 3 1/2 months now. He really is doing great but we do have a few issues with both of them.

  2. Evelyn Major

    I love the show, it's fantastic we've been using your techniques on ur miniatiure australian labradoodle - Molly, and you make it look so easy on the tv programme but in reality its harder - or for us anyway! She's a brilliant dog but just a few wee things she'd be even greater by learning and if anyone can do it, Victoria Stilwell can! We live in Scotland and always watch your programme, I think Molly realises the theme tune now and looks at us as if to say "I know you're going to try training stuff again, but you're not Victoria...". It'd be fantastic to meet you, let alone for you to come and help us train Molly! We'll still be watching the show regardless! x

  3. Mari Lloyd

    I have 3 golden retrievers and a sheltie. The sheltie has passed the Delta Society Pet Partners visiting Pet program. I would like to train one of my goldens, Cody. He was in agility and did quite well but pulled a muscle. His main problem is jumping like a kangaroo if he sees another dog and he is on-leash. He is super submissive and licks the other dog's face to much and overreacts. Would love help with that.

    Also have a female golden that is toy aggressive if I throw a ball for all the dogs. Cody won't even fetch anymore because she watches him. Even when he is the only dog in the back yard, he is afraid to run after the ball.

    Love your show!

  4. Christina Cheshire

    We love Victoria and would love help on working with our shy dog Nala. She's comfortable with her mom but is quite shy around all strangers, new anything and we'd love for her to enjoy life more and not be so scared!

  5. Suse Kelley

    Victoria's show is wonderful, educational as well as entertaining. I adopted Ruby, a wonderful Wheaten Terrier/English Sheepdog mix. We're in obedience class and makting great progress, but we still need help on a few issues, especially socialization with other dogs.

  6. Pat Flanagan

    We watch Victoria's show all the time.
    I have an eight month old yellow lab named Izzy and a 3 year old blue point pti bull named Romeo.
    I rescued Romeo from my neglectful neighbor who kept him in an 8 x 8 ft. utility room for four months.
    When the neighbor disappeared I took over the care of Romeo.
    We are having some issues integrating him into our family but he is really coming along nicely.
    I will be entering this contest and hopefully Victoria will come to our house and show me what to do next.
    Total pet count three cats, Sally, Mittens, Ronnan and two dogs Izzy and Romeo.

  7. camilla

    I love victoria style well but I can not participate in the contest because I live in Denmark

  8. Amanda Vittetoe

    I have a dog that has some issues and would to have your help he gets separation anxiety and likes to chew up things when we are gone and has to be caged up while we are gone please help
    he is a 1 1/2 years old

  9. Shirley Walker

    I watch Victoria on Animal Planet, all the time. I am old and bed bound by advanced MS. I lost my perfect little Chihuahua companion Mia, of 17 1/2 years about four years ago. After a while I began searching for another Chihuahua. I bought a little retired stud from a fine local breeder. He is a true love and a gentleman in every way. He is very smart, but I have been searching for a companion for him for a year as he seemed to be terrorised by two different females that I had thought would be company for him. He is now only five. He was retired early due to his being "beaten up" by all the other males. He is now neutered and I have purchased a little 4 1/2 lb female that will be spayed by the time I have her in my home. She is a totally untrained and unsociaized little rescue from a puppy mill. Trevor is wee pad trained and has a mini hydrant for leg lifting. Kelley wanted to sleep or play on the pads. The few days that she was here she chose to wet near the water bowl, get a drink and then wet again not to far away. She would eat her feaces if she was not told to "leave it." Cold feces were not tempting. She would raid the trash for any thing that might have once held food of any kind. Her tummy was plump but her back bone and gobbling appetite lead me to believe she possible had been neglected. Trevor liked to play with the toys and eat with her. I am confident that her small size and retiring nature make her a good companion for him. I have lots of time and work on my patience. I think the three of us can enjoy many years together. My caregiver has promised to take Trevor, and find Kelley a good home if something should happen to me. I really need some pointers, and will continue to watch for training tips.

  10. Karina Allen

    I love victoria Stillwell!!! I have always loved dogs and recently been intrested in being a dog trainer.... I have a 3 month old pitbull terrier (Artimas), and a 7 month old half pit half lab (Shadow) they are both super energetic and still love to chew on things Im working with them on it but I'm no Victoria Stillwell... She is bloody brilliant!!!

  11. Nikki Flores

    I still can't enter the sweepstakes because of the question about owning a dog. Any help?

  12. Peggy Sass

    I enjoy Victoria's style, but I don't remember seeing my problem. I have 2 beautiful yellow Labs, 2 yr old Bugzee & 9 month old Brodee. They are brothers. Bugzee was easily trained & is almost a "perfect" boy. Brodee, on the other hand is a handful. He is the most loving dog we've had, but he has taken to "marking" furniture and walls. He has been neutered since marking furniture. I would really like any advice or suggestions for this disgusting habit.

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