Victoria named Dog Trainer of the Year

logo-dogworld2At a ceremony in New York on February 13, 2010, Victoria was honored as the 2009 Trainer of the Year by Dog World® magazine at the 55th Annual Purina® Pro Plan® Show Dogs Of The Year® Awards Presented By Dogs In Review®. The 2009 Trainer of the Year award recognizes a trainer who exemplifies excellence in canine behavior modification.  Read the press release here.

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23 thoughts on “Victoria named Dog Trainer of the Year

  1. Savannah

    Hi victoria!!!! I'm so glad you won trainer of the year!!! Great job!!! I'm so happy for you!! You deserve it!!! 😀

  2. Destiny

    Wow!Congrats,you really earned it!You are a wonderful trainer and I like the way you did,you always make sure there is no stress for the dog when you are training.You train in such a great way,well done!You also helped me train my dogs!

  3. Maria Montano

    Hi Victoria, You are my hero. I love your show and everything you stand for. Because of you my best friend and I are really getting closer together. I rescued a dog 3 years a go Bitz. She is absolutely the best friend anyone could have. She was abused by the family she previously had so she had some trusting issues that we worked out. It only took patience. Through your show I discover how much smater my bestfriend really is, she puts me to shame. I continue to view your show every day and I am just so amazed at how wonderful you are and how really smart our dogs are. I laugh, cry, jump for joy just watching your show. I am also relieved to see so many wonderful people wanting to care for their pets. I really can go on and on. From the bottom of my heart Bitx and I are really greatful. Would love to meet you one day, but in the meantime I will continue to work with my girl to improve both our lives.

  4. lea

    huge congrats i'm a massive fan in the uk and i follow a lot of your techniques- which really work!!
    me and my doggies owe you a lot, in fact due to your huge influence i would like to train as a dog behaviourist!

  5. Lucrezia Brunetti

    Hey Victoria!
    Your show is the best show ever and I love watching all your techniques since I just got a German Shepherd Puppy. Whenever I watch your show my dog does to and she watches you so intensely so some of the commands she knows she will do! Well done for winning Dog Trainer of the Year! You deserve it!!

    Love Lucrezia and Yummi

  6. Nancy

    Congratulations Victoria! I watch your show all the time and believe your techniques are the way to go when training a dog. I've learned a lot by watching your show and wish you continued success.

  7. Carissa Wisniewski

    Congrats! Well deserved. I watch you show ALL the time. We just got a shitzu corgi mix and he is only 10 wks old. just started training alittle. He seems to be getting it. just if I could get the kids on board fully would be great.............

  8. Lindsey

    Hey! I have a Yorkchon, Yorkie and Bichon mix. (She is a puppy.) We had to get her shaved because she had too many nats in her hair. Before she got shaved, she was the cutest dog in the world! She is small, cute, and friendly. I can teach her really well because I've been watching your show A LOT!

  9. Monali

    Hi Victoria ! Many many congrax. I really love your TV shows. Those are really helping me to train and make a close bond with my sweet cute darling puppy Rex. Sometime he does watch your show too for 10-15 seconds.
    Congrax once again. Keep it up the hard work and Good Luck.

  10. Teena Dailey

    I have 3minpins that have a barking problem thjey jump up on people i try to put some of the things ive seen you do an it somewhat works if I keep atr it I love your show

  11. Teena Dailey

    I love your show it helps me a lot I have 3 minpins that need a lot of training still

  12. Brittany

    I'm just starting to get to know you and your show It's me or the dog. I love the show, I"m not really a dog fan but keep up the good work. YOU are a very good dog trainer that i EVER seen.

  13. Matt

    Thanks for spreading the message about positive reinforcement, you're truly a pioneer. Much better than that god awful Cesar Milan. I hate thinking about all the people that watch his show and use that technique on their dogs. It's sad really.

  14. Mary Grace White

    Way to go Victoria!! I watch your show all the time-current episodes and reruns. My faves are "Bumble & Doogle" and "Stains". Keep up the wonderful work. I am now a certified dog trainer from ABC and am looking forward to working with dogs here in my area and hopefully beyond. I have learned so much from watching your show and will incorporate your technique into my own practice. All the best!!!

  15. Lindsey

    Hi Victoria! I love your shows! I admire your work with dogs and want to be a dog trainer when I grow up. One day I hope that happens.

    TO THE BEST DOG TRAINER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your #1 fan,
    🙂 Lindsey 🙂

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