Victoria Launches Search for Britain’s Naughtiest Dog on ITV

Victoria has teamed up with UK network ITV to identify and rehabilitate Britain's naughtiest dogs.

In a new campaign to be featured on ITV's Daybreak programme, Victoria will scour the UK looking for the dogs and owners most in need of her help.  Victoria made a live satellite appearance during Daybreak on January 26th where she announced the campaign.  Through February 1st, UK dog owners can submit their dogs for consideration, with four of the rowdiest pups from all over the country destined for a visit with Victoria.  Then, each morning on Daybreak from February 6 through February 9th, Victoria will provide live reports on the dogs she's found and begin the process of helping them and their owners restore harmony.

Following Victoria's visit, each of the four winners will also be entitled to free consultations with Victoria's hand-picked dog trainers.  Several members of her exclusive Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training (VSPDT) network of world-class positive reinforcement trainers will provide followup support with each dog to ensure that they are back on the path to avoid the title 'Britain's Naughtiest Dog.'

Submit your application to win a visit from Victoria and her team of trainers here.

Visit the Daybreak website for more information about the campaign and be sure to tune in during the week of February 6 to see if Victoria can handle the worst Britain can throw her way.

Find a VSPDT trainer near you by clicking here.

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21 thoughts on “Victoria Launches Search for Britain’s Naughtiest Dog on ITV

  1. Kelly griffiths

    Hi there, we have a 17 wk old boarder-collie. Her name is miss lady , who dosnt like being good on a less . So I would like help with doing the wright way of walking her..

  2. Angie Skinner

    My puppy isn't naughty, just needs guidance (as do we!!) If your doing a 'multiple dog' programme, maybe she could be in that. She's a 'rescue' dog, dumped in a carrier bag at approx 5weeks old. She's now (26/1) around 20 weeks. Needs training in how NOT to jump up at people, nibbling (sometimes leading to a sharp nip!) and we don't yet let her off the lead.
    If we aren't lucky enough to be chosen, maybe some tips could be sent
    Thanks (She's a boxer) x

  3. zoe o'connell-allen

    Would love Victoria to work with my pack of dogs aged 9 months to 5 years they all need to learn some manners they all bark, jump up at people, can't open the front door to people. I have a medical condition which means I can't afford to get dragged along on walks etc walks are no longer enjoyable. I love my dogs to bits but really do need some help they just don't listen to a word I say and are becoming unruly. One of our dogs doesn't like particular breeds of dog and did get into a big fight with another which she started. I would just love my dogs to calm down be relaxed and happy and harmony to be restored and to make my life just a bit easier.

  4. Bridget Williams

    I have a Lhasa who will not allow anyone to walk past the house without going berserk and barking. He doesnt have very good recall. On walks he always goes after other dogs especially the larger ones (black labradors being the most popular) and really goes for them. Its getting to the point I dont want to let him off the lead. He is two years old in April.

    Many thanks

  5. charlotte law

    We have a chihuahua who barks at everyone and dirties the house. we have done lots of training.but because we a big family it is trying to get everyone singing from the same song pretty please

  6. jacqueline holbrook

    I have a scottish terrior cross cain terrior male. he has become so dominant over me annd my husband. also he keeps barking at the postman or anyone for that matter. i get so woeried that we might lose our house because of the barking. and then when i open the door i have to make sure he doesnt make a run for it. i fear for people who visit as i am not sure if he will try and mark his territory on then or even worse suffer a lawsuit if he vites them. i have teied following your instructions but afraid i lack the commitment as it just does not work. i hope that you will be able to help me help my dog.

  7. Linda Deavy

    Hi I am a dog walker and one of the dogs I walk just dose not listen to his name and has a tail like a whip but I do think they need some help I have tried some things but the do need the best help.. Regards Linda.

  8. Poppy

    I can not wait to see your new show!! Betty and I will be sat watching and picking up tips on who is training who :o)

  9. Jackie White

    we have a 7 1/2 year old male border collie. He has lots of good points but one of his biggest problem is overshadowing this. We have had him since a pup and this problem just seems to of gradually got worse over the years to a point that now its making life miserable with him in our lives. He makes us feel like a prisoner in our own home has he goes mental when he feels as if someone is so much coming to the door wether they are a stranger or even my girls when they come home from school with their own keys.

    he barks this horrible loud shrill that goes right through me. I dread anyone coming to the door and would rather visitors stayed away. If anyone knocks he bounds up at the door so agressively and has intimadated workmen who have to come in, i tell him to go into his cage before opening the door so he dont pound out and he barks in my face loudly as i shut the gate and totally ignores me and barks even louder. So i have tried leaving him out while i answer the door as he hovers anxiously behind me as i talk to whoevers there. I try to get him to sit while i deal with the visitor and if i let them in he's all over them. (he is not an aggressive dog, his bark is definitely bigger then his bite).

    When the kids are coming home from school and walk past the house, which we have a big front garden between us and the path which everyone passes by the way, he barks like hell, he waits for my daughters to come home on edge the whole time, as soon as he hears them, his hair goes up on end and again he goes crazy, and barks like mad & bounds up at the door at them, making them come through the door an ordeal. I'v tried putting his lead on & holding him when i know they are due home, but its just as uncomfortable and turns the whole event into a nightmare where im dreading them coming home.

    He makes leaving the house for anyone that lives here also a nightmare, doesnt matter who it is and wether its one of us leaving or all of us leaving he gets very aggressive sounding, whoever it is who is getting ready to leave it starts with him whinning and anxiously running around whoever it is, backing up and forwards around the person, we try to get him to get in his bed but he finds it too difficult to stay in that place as he knows they are going, it doesnt matter to him that there are others still around and its not as if he feels a bond with the person who's going, he dont care who it is out of our family, he just dont want them to go. As soon as the door shuts, he barks like mad throwing himself up at the door and having a mad few minutes before one of us tell him to be quiet. He has been known also when we've been in a rush to slam the door behind us, in my face on a few occassions as iv turned around to tell him to be good.

    We take him out with us for walks which is fine, but if we want to take him in the car so we can go somewhere a bit nicer then a similar ritual takes place, as we go up to the car and get him to jump into his cage with his bed, everythings calm until..........................we shut the gate and shut the boot ready to jump into our seats to set off for a nice day out. He barks like mad, this horrible shrill bark, he wont shut up until the engine starts and we're on our way...!!! As soon as we stop, wether its for petrol or contemplating "if we're there yet" pause, anything, he starts again.........!!! It turns the whole experience into such a drama instead of a treat. When we've had our lovely long walk in the countryside or whereever we've chose to go, we jump back into the car and the same thing happens again turning us from happy to agitated and rushing to start the engine, not even being able to stop for a cup of tea from our flask that we may have took.

    5mnths ago we bought a female yorkshire terrier who is now 7months old, we have just had her spayed, thanks to watching your shows before getting her i was more prepared and i am happy to say that she is a very well adjusted pup, showing no signs of dominance and is such a joy to have....!! These Traits that billy the border collie have are gradually rubbing off on daisy as she is already learnt that when someone knocks that barking is the correct reaction to have.

    I understand about the guard dog bit but is it acceptable to bark at everything that even looks twice at our house?

    He even goes mad at anything else in the house that has a door, ie the computer desk door. When it gets shut or open he lets out this shrill bark, so random and unexpected it makes us jump out of our skin.

    If anyone should leave the back door to go into the garden for anything or the shed.............again he's barking until they are in again.

    Today he was shut in the bedroom with me while my husband went out so i could stop him from barking when he left.......he didnt hear him leave as he shut the door quietly so all was well, but when my husband came home with my brother in law, he could hear there was a visitor and whinned and whinned until he was allowed out of room.

    On the odd occassion he has gone mad when we have gone into our bedroom and shut our door and he's the other side he has bark agressively and growled and ran down and up the stairs what seems like in a rage.

    He got neutred when he was 8mnths old & sometimes i think he may have been too young as he never seemed to of grown up, but now theres this other side of him.

    He is not aggressive but i advice my kids not to play with him with toys as he has a bit of unpredictability about him where he will snap, especially when it comes to getting a toy off him.

    He hates other dogs when we go out for walks and will do all he can to avoid them, i was hoping by getting another dog would solve this problem.

    He is unpredictable as the other day he suddenly had a sudden fear of going across a certain bridge which he has done a hundred times. He refused to walk across it so we had to litterally drag him, so's not to damage his pads we had to carry him, for other people it looked funny and we had a laugh about it, but inside we were thinking, now theres something else Billy doesnt like. We didnt give up on the bridge thing though, and with a bit of time he can now get across it, allbeit he drags me across as fast as he can but at least he does!!

    I wouldnt say Billy is Britains naughtiest dog, but he's definitely a strange one!!!

    If any tips you can give us to turn him back into the dog we had years ago, they would be gratefully received.

    Thanks for reading

  10. Jackie White

    ps. sorry about the long message, but would also like to add he is untrustworthy off the lead when we're out for walks as he goes into a world of his home with the smells...!! he sniffs and sniffs, we walk on and hope he will follow us when he is done, but instead of that he seems hypnotised with smelling and will follow the scent and be totally oblivous to the fact we are calling him and will go off in his own direction. I thought letting him off his lead would be a real treat for him and had visions of this gorgeous border collie bounding across the fields and singing "im free"...!! its not like that at all as he cant stop sniffing!!! its embarrassing as he ignores us!!! once we have his attention getting him back on his lead is no problem. We,ve tried throwing a ball for him to keep him interested, it works for a while until a smell catches his attentions!!

    He is a strange one is our Billy thats for sure!! 🙂

  11. Em ohagan

    Hi Victoria i need help with my staffordshire bull terrier..if you are ever looking to work with a dog please please contact me..or if you know anyone who can help with a bad tempered dog..she hates children,some people other dogs and the list goes on,she has gone for me 4 times..i love her with all my heart she is my best buddie and not sure if she is very protective..anyhow if u can help or know of are the best dog trainer really admire u x

  12. Elizabeth knight

    We have a jackrussell called lottie. she is all was escapeing and we can't keep here in.Due to this it makes life stressful as we are always worried about her.

  13. jennie

    hi my dogs are far from naughty lol but i have a sweet story, well i think it sweet any way lol
    just b4 xmas i went to see my local farmer for some sawdust and he told me he had this little jack russel puppy 8weeks old but he cudnt rehome him cos he ha a big hernia, I saw him and knowing that 2 dogs an 2 cats an 4 kids were enuf i aske him wat will he do with him an his reply was along the lines of he is unsellable i wud have to get rid, i took the pup there and then and took him to my vets who sed the hernia was his intetines coming thru the tummy muscle wall and it was a hopless case and it wasnt worth doing i was gutted that this is wat the vet sed this poor little pup looked at me every day and i knew he was saveable i went round every rescue centre asking for help to save this little fella an was turned away from them all, i ended up getting a second opinion at another vets who told me he was fixable but at a cost and he needed doing b4 it twists!! a week after xmas i got him in the vets for his opp which was a risky opp with him being so small an young, he came thru his opp but was very sleepy after and he had all the nurses cooing over him and cuddleing him, the next day he was aloud home and he is now a lovely healthy bundle of joy and naughty-ness!! his opp cost me £270 and he was worth every penny to see him look up at me everyday knowing i saved his life, that is the best thank you i can get from my little Titch xx

  14. Susan Knight

    I have a 3 year old Chinese Crested Chihuahua called Toby, who just can't work out how to come through the dog flap. It is a big dog flap as I have a border collie and a miniture Dachshund. They are both 11 years old. My chineese crested chiwawa tries so hard and will spend ages pushing the flap with his paw, but just can't get the idea to push through with his nose and body. Hence I still have to use puppy pads in the kitchen all the time and I can't be angry with him because it is not his fault if he wets the puppy pad. I think he has been boped on the nose a few times when he has tried to follow the other two through the flap when a puppy. Only guessing. I have never witnessed it. He tries and I could leave him trying for a long time, I think, but I don't. I have tried tempting him through with treats and toys. But I have no idea what to try next. He is very patient and tries so hard to do it, constantly making it swing back and forth with is paw. He is frustrated and so are we. Please help. During the day we have to leave the flap pined up and open while we are at work, and during the summer we leave the flap pinned up and open all night long. But in the winter we have to have it shut because we get cold, and he has to use puppy pads on the floor. I have another 10 or 11 years of this. Please help, thanks Sue Knight.

  15. Gosia Coulton

    My Lulu, a 7.5 years old rescue Dobermann has got a very high prey drive. Once she sets her mind on chasing it's not possible to get her back until she comes on her own. She always finds her way to us but it's really frustrating when we have to wait 15-20 mins wistling and calling her back. I really don't want to keep her on the lead all the time. She also is over reacting when seing very excited dog. Can chase Wippets or Colies untill she corners them which is very difficult with other owners starting to panic instead of helping. Please, help.


  16. Kim Abbott

    Our boy Buddy is a pretty good boy, generally well behaved and although he chases birds, he wont touch our chinchillas. Obviously we would never let them out of their cage if he is in the room with them as I just would not take the chance.

    But we do have a big problem with him - he gets horribly car sick - so taking him anywhere in the car is a bit of military operation. We start off with spraying the car with adaptil, a short walk, plus car sickness treats, then we try and tempt him in the car with toys and games, once he is in the car, I have to sit with him on my lap while we listen to classic FM. Journeys on straight roads are ok'ish, but once we have to turn, he starts stressing, salivating until eventually throwing up - not a great experience for him or for us.

    We have tried playing with him in the car with the car not running, but the minute the door shuts he starts salivating. We have tried the thundershirt, a crate covered up, a dog booster seat, driving cds - all to no avail.

    Not quite sure what to try next. Any suggestions would be great!!

  17. maggie pine

    I think my choccie lab is a naughty but nice dog. Everybody knows her and they think shes really funny, Hazel gets up to all kinds of things, she knows recall but as soon as she picks up the scent of food shes gone like the wind. Sshe eats every kind of poo there is, Dogs poo, foxes poo, birds poo, and if shes not eating it shes rolling in it. In the summer she spots picnicers miles away and by the time i get to her she has eaten all their food. I have just got her a muzzle so she can be off the lead so she can play with her friens but she still gets the poo she sticks the muzzle so deep into it so that she gets it in the muzzle. HELP i need it

  18. Adam Watson

    Hi Victoria i have a king charles cavilier called Olly who is 1 years Old and is an absolute nightmare to walk! When i go to take him for a walk the first thing he does is bite the lead and shake it in his mouth, then we take him out of the house he starts to bark, pull really hard on the lead, he also squeals like we are taking a wee girl away from her parents, it is an absolute nightmare, we are so embarrassed to take him out! He also barks and chases cars when we take him out!! It is gettin to the point were i feel like giving him away!! We have tried treats, bringing him back to the house when he starts and also a product called Pet Corrector!! Soooo... PLEASE, PLEASE HELP US!!!!!

  19. rachael white

    hi victoria, i am in great need of ur help, i have 2 (brother and sister) 4 year old cocker spaniels and they dont do a think they r told, the boy one is the more dminant one but the girl one is the most stubborn one. i walk them every day but it is a nightmare getting out the front door with them or the back gate is just the same, they start as soon as i touch their leads, they rear up and fight each other whos getting to the front door first, then when were out the door they bark and pull all the way down the path and they do this till we r out of our road, all the neighbours look it is awful, i have tryed treats stopping and starting again that makes it worse i have even paid a trainner to come and have a go but no good, i love them and i love walking them, but it is getting worse and i knw it is me that needs the trainning really, i hope u can help x

  20. gordon

    Hello firstly i got to say great programme been watching to get ideas to train my 2 dogs got to say its not working oldest roxii staff/cross just dont like being round other dogs when taking for a walk she just wants to attack all the time and cant get her out of the habbit of peeing in the hall wall once we gone to bed,,i can stay up till 6am with back door wide open for both dogs to go out if need be but no they wait till i go to bed then pee and poo all over the hallway i have tried scents but dont seem to work...Then theres harvey young puppy year old good with other dogs very playful but has bad habbits when we upstairs he digs holes out of the plastered walls to try get upstairs to me he was good with the toilet till lately he has now joined in with roxii peeing and pooing in th hall over night he also snatches food out of my 3 year olds hands dont to it to know one else just her and has nipped her a gew times if i see him go to snatch i make aloud noise and he walks away until i am not looking then he being bad again..
    got roxii as a rescue dog knew nothing about her got her to be my companion when fishing all weekend so she can enjoy the outdoors running wild but cant hold anything large in my hand with out her attacking me she hates me my wife has to move my fishing rods about for me so i went and got harvey my wife wasnt happy with it great dog but i just cant control him he ha a mind of his own ..if he dont stop digging the walls and peeing everywhere he has got to go....both dogs get over excited when having visitors we have to lock them in the kitchen and they just dont shout uo howling please help dont let my wife make me gget rid of my babies

  21. Rachel

    Hi Victoria, as a family we have a 3 year old boarder collie we have had him since he was a puppy and when he was a puppy we were able to do most things with him for example brushing him to sit, we took him out for walks and he was very nervous of the cars as when we start and finish the walk were near to a busy road and he use to try and chase cars coming away from him but pull and get frightened at cars coming towards him, we can't meet other people or dogs as he barks and snaps at them.
    But now at the age of 3 he has got alot worse we are unable to brush him as he will try and bite you, he barks/growls at people when they come into the house, he will growl and try to bite you and wee when you try and put a lead on him but as you get outside he will drag you around and will sometimes pull you back home and still barks at other dogs and we have to warn people not to touch him as we dont know how he will react.
    in the house he chases people going up stairs so we put baby gate at the bottom he tries to dig at your ankles as you open and closes doors if you dont want him to go threw for example the front door.
    He has times when he can be a loving dog wants fuss and cuddles but every day its more of a battle with him. We need help to try and get back on track.

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