Victoria Launches New Online Udemy Course – Inside Your Dog’s Mind

Victoria Stilwell has launched her first publicly-available online course entitled "Inside Your Dog's Mind." Available worldwide on Udemy, this 3-hour course follows Victoria as she delves deep into the way our dogs think, feel and learn. By focusing on the recent incredible advances in the continually-evolving fields of canine behavioral and cognitive science, Victoria takes the learner on a journey to better understand our canine companions.

Designed for dog owners, lovers, and training/behavior enthusiasts of all levels, Inside Your Dog's Mind is an online-only experience open to everyone. Chapters include:

  • Introduction to Canine Cognition
  • Canine Ethology
  • The Canine Brain
  • Canine Intelligence
  • How Dogs Learn
  • Dogs & Emotions
  • The Five Cognitive Dimensions:
    • Intention-Reading
    • Empathy
    • Memory
    • Reasoning
    • Cunning

For a limited time, readers can take advantage of a 50% discount off the regular cost of the course - a $100 value.

To redeem your $100 discount, click here.

To learn more about Victoria's flagship 6-month Dog Trainer Course with the Victoria Stilwell Academy, visit the VS Academy website.

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