Victoria joins RedRover (formerly United Animal Nations)

Victoria is proud to announce that she has joined forces with RedRover (formerly United Animal Nations) as a board of directors advisory member.  A recognized leader in providing emergency sheltering, disaster relief and financial assistance for animals in crisis, RedRover announced its new name on June 11, 2011.

RedRover brings animals from crisis to care and strengthens the bond between people and animals through the following programs:

  • RedRoverResponders. Volunteer teams shelter and care for animals displaced by natural disasters and reconnects them to owners.  RedRover also shelters and cares for animals rescued from mass cruelty found in hoarding cases, puppy mills and other significant abuse situations.
  • RedRoverReaders. Thsi great program helps children explore the bond between people and animals through stories and discussion.  Children are encouraged to share information about animals, reflect on the roles of animals in their communities and determine our collective responsibilities towards them.
  • RedRoverRelief. Financial assistance is provided to help pet owners, Good Samaritans and animal rescuers obtain urgent veterinary care.  RedRover provides assistance with boarding, transportation and veterinary care to help domestic violence victims escape abusive environments.
  • RedRoverReporters. This program encourages people to watch for and report situations of abuse and neglect by offering financial incentives and encouraging witnesses of animal cruelty to come forward.

Read more about this great organization and Victoria's role.

Visit the official RedRover website.

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