Victoria joins American Humane as National Ambassador

American Humane Association LogoVictoria is proud to announce that she has agreed to serve as a National Ambassador for the American Humane Association.  Dedicated to promoting the humane treatment of children and animals, American Humane shares Victoria's passion for promoting force-free, humane treatment and training methods which create lasting bonds between dog and owner based on trust and respect rather than fear and intimidation.

She is also leading the expert judging panel for American Humane's upcoming Hero Dog Awards.

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2 thoughts on “Victoria joins American Humane as National Ambassador

  1. Meredith Marks

    So happy to here that u are now associated with the American Humane Society. I have tried many forms of training for my 3 american bulldogs but none teach the positive training as u do. I searched your website and was unable to find a trainer in Fort Lauderdale Florida.
    I hope that maybe someday u will be in the area, so I may somehow get your help. Congrats again.

  2. Kathy Cornelius

    I love your show and am glad you are associated with the American Humane Society. I have a yorkiepoo and sometimes have trouble when i walk her when other dogs are around . i am trying your approach with the treats and have her watch me and sit. it sometimes works. i hope someday you will come visit the Melbourne, Florida area so I can meet you and somehow get your help. Thanks for all the tips and a great show. congratulations to you.

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