Victoria in Aspen, CO

Victoria will be among the featured guests at a series of events to raise money for the Aspen Animal Shelter's Spay/Neuter & Rescue Campaign on July 23, 2011. Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO of the Humane Society of the United States will make a special appearance at all events and John Oates, of the famed rock duo Hall & Oates will attend and perform at a private patron dinner.

Victoria and Wayne will appear at a special luncheon for 100 VIPs at the Aspen Animal Shelter from 11:30am to 1:30pm on July 23rd.  At 5:30pm that evening they will appear at the Aspen Animal Shelter for a public event.  To close out the evening, Victoria, Wayne and John Oates will attend a private dinner with 20 patrons at a local home where John will perform in an intimate setting. Tickets to all events are available through Friends of the Aspen Animal Shelter at (970) 927-1771 or email [email protected].

Click here to buy tickets or for more information.

Read an article about her visit.

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3 thoughts on “Victoria in Aspen, CO

  1. Elise Backinger

    Hey there!

    Take a side trip to Salida after your Aspen visit. We promise a lovely, low key visit.


  2. Michael & Carol Pennica

    Which we could meet up with you and Van while you are here. Hope you have a wonderful trip. By the way Cramer is doing so much better.

    Take care,
    Michael, Carol and Cramer

  3. Stephani

    I'm excited that you'll be stopping by Aspen, it's a shame that Wayne Pacelle will be there as well. I dont like him or the way that that organization has been involved with Micheal Vick or the way that it handles all the money that is donated to them.

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