Victoria Helps Launch Dog Bite Prevention Week

Victoria joined veterinarians, the USPS, pediatricians, plastic surgeons and members of the insurance industry in Houston, TX yesterday to help launch this year's National Dog Bite Prevention Week.  Tired of seeing the continual stream of devastating stories of tragic dog bites on children, Victoria was prompted to join this annual initiative in an effort to help educate the public about safe dog practices, especially for parents and children.

"Dogs need and want us to provide effective leadership, but the most effective leaders do not simply impose their will on their followers," said Stilwell in a press release issued by the AVMA. "And I firmly believe the only way to truly ensure that we are successful in achieving the necessary balance with our dogs is by using positive reinforcement and treating them with the same respect that we ask of them. It's not the breed of the dog that causes the bite, but rather how well the dog is trained and controlled."

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Victoria on Dog Bite Prevention - Part I
Victoria on Dog Bite Prevention - Part II
Victoria's Safety Guide to Children & Dogs

Footage of Victoria at the Dog Bite Prevention Week press conference in Houston:

Houston Number One in Postal Dog Attacks:

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3 thoughts on “Victoria Helps Launch Dog Bite Prevention Week

  1. James Laudermilk

    Victoria, I want to thank you for the class that you held today at our fire station here in Sandy Springs. The guys and I had a lot of fun and it was obvious the children did as well. as always thank you for your positive outreach for dogs and their wellbeing.

    Crew Chief
    James Laudermilk
    Sandy Springs Fire station 4A

  2. Linda Sackman

    What a great initiative! I would like to see people change their prejudices and understand the problem in its complexity. Insane how many dogs are labeled aggressive and thus rendered unadoptable, when they were simply set up to fail by their ignorant owner. As a shelter professional I hope that one day it will be a fairer fight for the dogs infamous for their "biter" reputation. If only the focus shifted to the human factor behind the attack and not the breed, size or color of the dog. While reducing dogs to "mere beasts", at the same time we hold them responsible as if they possessed moral judgement and human intentions. We label them evil, vicious, violent. This is a medieval way of thinking and a witch hunt all over again, especially with the biased coverage of the media. Lets hope that through programs like these we can start thinking clearly,see cause and effect and do something constructive. My hope is that one day every dog will be given the benefit of the doubt, that there will be no such thing as "breed restrictions" in rental agreements and that it will be people who will be held accountable for the actions of the animals in their care.

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