Victoria Develops New Training Products

Victoria Stilwell is known as someone who can turn even the most unruly pooches in lovable pets, and she's never been shy about sharing her dog training secrets. Through her best-selling books, live tours, TV shows and online presence, Victoria constantly promotes the power of positive training methods through the many platforms she has developed during her career as a well-known dog trainer. Now she is taking her commitment to helping people and their dogs to a whole new level with the announcement of a new line of dog training products specifically designed by Victoria herself to help dog owners around the world.

With her Positively Training Treats, Positively No-Pull Harness, and Positively Double-Connection Leash, Victoria aims to help dog owners tackle some of the most commonly-encountered dog behavior problems.


Victoria's new line of hand-made, grain-free organic dog training treats.

Victoria's new line of hand-made, grain-free organic dog training treats.

'Jasmine's Favorite Treats'

Well-known for her passion for positive reinforcement training methods, Victoria says that the number one tool in any dog owner's training arsenal is to understand what motivates your dog. In most cases, the power of food in training is too much for the dog to ignore, making high-value dog training treats a key component of successful training. "People are constantly asking me what I use as treats when training dogs, so I'm very happy to have developed these delicious and healthy new treats which can serve as a 'jackpot' reward for truly effective teaching," Victoria states. "If your dog is motivated by food at all, I can guarantee you they'll do flips for these treats. I know because my Chihuahua mix Jasmine is one of the pickiest eaters I've ever seen and she can't get enough of them." The treats are also scored and easily breakable to ensure that you don't overfeed during training sessions.

And it's not just the dogs that will be happy about these treats, Stilwell claims. "As a dog owner, we must be careful about what we put in our dogs' bodies. That's why I developed these treats to be made from human-grade, organic, grain-free ingredients and hand-pressed here in Atlanta to ensure the highest quality."

The Positively Training Treats are initially available only in one flavor: peanut butter and banana (Jasmine's favorite.)


Victoria's versatile Positively No-Pull Harness helps solve leash walking issues and serves as a standard harness.

Victoria's versatile Positively No-Pull Harness helps solve leash walking issues and serves as a standard harness.

The Ultimate Leash-Walking Solution

Victoria's versatile new Positively No-Pull Harness is the solution owners of leash-pulling dogs have been waiting for. Featuring two connection points (on the chest and between the shoulder blades), this harness is designed to discourage pulling by gently turning the dog's body round if he pulls.  In order to walk forward again the dog learns that this can only be accomplished if he stops pulling.

"What I love about this design is its versatility," Victoria states. "You can attach the new Positively Double-Connection Leash to the chest and back to maximize the no-pull effect, but you can also use this as a standard walking harness once the behavior has been successfully addressed. The harness also takes pressure off a dog's sensitive neck avoiding pain and other neck and spinal injuries that can be caused by attaching the leash to the collar of a pulling dog, particularly a choke or prong collar."

Contrary to popular belief, dogs are not pulling on the leash because they want to 'dominate' or establish their rank as 'pack leader.' As Victoria explains in her new book, Train Your Dog Positively, such thinking is the result of flawed understanding about how dogs think, feel and learn. "If you misdiagnose the problem, you're almost guaranteed to prescribe the wrong medicine," Victoria says. "In the case of pulling dogs, they simply want to get to where they're headed as fast as possible because they're excited. Also, let's not forget that dogs have twice as many legs as us, making it more unnatural to walk at our slower pace."

That's not to say that leash-pulling should be excused or allowed, Victoria clarifies. "Dogs that pull on leashes can be one of the most destructive behaviors on the dog/human relationship. We get annoyed, they get frustrated, we go for less walks, and all hell starts to break loose behaviorally." Which is why Victoria feels so strongly about giving people solutions for easy leash-walking while avoiding the traditional aversive and punishment-based tools and methods of the past. "My new Positively No-Pull Harness is a tool owners can use to solve this unwanted behavior while remaining confident that they're not doing anything to damage the bond of mutual trust and respect that is so important between dog and owner," Stilwell states. "And the coolest thing is that it can serve double-duty as a standard harness once you solve the problem!"

The Positively No-Pull Harness is available for medium-sized dogs and up, since Victoria believes that smaller dogs can benefit equally from effective loose-leash walking training methods using a standard small-dog harness.


The Positively Double-Connection Leash can be used with the Positively No-Pull Harness or as a standard 5-foot leash.

The Positively Double-Connection Leash can be used with the Positively No-Pull Harness or as a standard 5-foot leash.

A Leash For All Seasons

Victoria also developed the Positively Double-Connection Leash specifically for use with her new no-pull harness. This leash has an adjustable nylon handle which allows a 5-foot leash with connections on both ends to be used with the harness or as a standard leash. This versatility is one of the hallmarks of Victoria's training philosophy, and is key to the successful use of this new no-pull solution.

"One of the things I love about the new no-pull harness is that you can also use it as a standard walking harness with your existing leash," Stilwell says. "But to truly maximize the no-pull effect, you need to use a leash with two connections like the Positively Double-Connection Leash."

Both the harness and leash are currently only available in black with purple accents.


Available Now!

All three of these newly-launched products are available exclusively via the Positively Online Store and can be shipped internationally from the U.S.

New products now available:

Existing products also available:

  • Canine Noise Phobia Series
    • Thunderstorms
    • Fireworks
    • City Sounds
    • Calming
  • Train Your Dog Positively book (Victoria's latest)
  • It's Me or the Dog: How to Have the Perfect Pet book
  • Other Victoria-recommend training books
  • Thundershirt
  • Positively Apparel (ladies, unisex, hats)

Visit the Positively store here.

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2 thoughts on “Victoria Develops New Training Products


    I think the double connection leash has to be longer. So either it is going to be much shorter than this so that it can be attached to the classic 5m leash according to the very correct theory of Victoria that the dog runs because excited, or it is going to be a rolled one 5 m long instead of one line rolling as in the existing ones, a two side rolling leash of 5m instead of the purple attachment.

    Another point is that he connection of the double connection leash with the purple attachment has to be much more solid (material, technology of attachment) because with a pulling dog the purple attachment ring to the double connection leash will destroy it in not more than a year.

    Thanks for the innovative ideas Victoria! If the double connection leash comes at a shorter version I will buy 3 immediately as I have 3 pulling dogs!!!


  2. Johanna

    I live in Sweden! How can I get this? I totally need it for my husky (soon to be teenager) puppy! But you don't ship outside US? 🙁

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