Victoria Debuts American Dog – A New Web Series

Victoria's latest collaboration with eHow Pets, a new web series called American Dog, has launched on the her new YouTube channel. This dynamic new series follows Victoria as she travels the country finding the most fascinating stories about dogs and the dog world. From her exploration in the first episode of the Gwinnett County Jail Dogs program in Georgia to the working avalanche dogs at Aspen ski resort, therapy and assistance dog training programs at Canine Assistance, ski-jorring with one of her VSPDT trainers and much more, American Dog takes the viewer on a journey with Victoria to find the people and dogs who are truly making a difference.

Watch the pilot episode below, and be sure to subscribe so that you catch all the new features as soon as they're available.


Also be sure to check out Victoria's new dog training series on the channel: Teacher's Pet.

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10 thoughts on “Victoria Debuts American Dog – A New Web Series

  1. Jan

    Victoria, I love this show. Like you, it's positive. I see so many horrible abuse stories, and the Gwinnet Co. Jail episode was heartwarming. I hope the ones to follow will be of a similar style. Keep up the wonderful work!

    Jan from Wisconsin

  2. vivian

    Hi there! I'm a keep of 3 shih tzu siblings and a trainer in training who is very interested in learning as much as possible about positive training techniques. Thank you so much for all you do and for sharing your knowledge so that we may become better communicators with the pets in our lives. Be well.. :))

  3. Melissa

    I am interested in watching this! Love everything animal. What channel is it going to be hosted on?

  4. Lorna Anstey

    So great to watch you work , would love to have you at my home for a week .. Keep up your great work

  5. CarolineLovesDogs

    Thanks for all that you do, Victoria, I'm honored to be a member of Positively!:)

  6. Nancy Byron

    I absolutely love this program Jail Dogs. As an owner of 6 dogs, 3 of them rescues, I know how amazing it feels to save a dog's life. I'd love to start something similar in Texas and have already begun making the necessary calls. Thanks Victoria xo

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