Victoria Announces the Denver Dog Bite Prevention & Awareness Conference – Nov 2, 2012

Renowned pet trainer Victoria Stilwell, forensic dog bite and aggression expert Jim Crosby and attorney Claudine Wilkins are just a few of the presenters that are coming to Denver on Nov. 2, 2012 to take part in the National Dog Bite Awareness and Prevention Conference presented by Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training (VSPDT). This marks Stilwell’s and the world’s premier national dog bite prevention initiative’s first visit to Denver - a city all-too familiar with dog bites making national news.

In 2010 alone, over 4.5 million people were bitten by dogs in the U.S., 800,000 of which required medical attention, while thirty-one people died from dog attacks. Through September 2012, twenty-four people have been killed by dogs, sixteen of whom were children. The tragedy is that in most of these cases and others, such bites and fatalities are preventable. 

In response to the reports of dog bites and attacks which continue to drive news cycles in cities across the country, celebrity dog trainer, TV personality and best-selling author Victoria Stilwell (It’s Me or the Dog, Animal Planet) founded the Dog Bite Prevention Task force in 2012 with other leaders in the fields of animal behavior, forensics and legislation.  Comprised of canine behavior experts, lawyers, pediatric surgeons, rescue coordinators, educators and dog bite victims’ families, the Task Force tours the country presenting the Dog Bite Awareness and Prevention Conference in a dedicated effort to finding practical and workable solutions to this universal problem through education and heightened awareness among those on the front lines of this epidemic.

“I am devastated each time I hear about children being bitten, mauled or killed, especially when most of these incidences could have been prevented,” Stilwell states. “Education is key, not just for parents and kids, but for professionals and educators who must all work together to spread awareness and encourage responsible pet ownership.”

The National Dog Bite Awareness and Prevention Conference, presented by VSPDT-certified Wag & Train Animal Behavior Specialists and Good Family Dog Training, is designed for and open to all animal industry professionals, child educators, shelter workers, attorneys, medical professionals, first responders, animal control officers, delivery personnel, trainers and dog lovers.

The one-day seminar features dynamic presentations from Stilwell, Crosby, Wilkins and other leading canine behavioral experts. Topics include: understanding aggression, recognizing and interpreting canine body language, the effect of punitive training methods on dogs, safe-handling of aggressive dogs, what to do after a dog bites, how to investigate a bite incident, victims’ rights, the inadequacies and inefficiencies inherent in breed-specific legislation (BSL) and tips on keeping you and your family safe around dogs.  Find out how which breeds and age groups are most bite-prone and how bites can be prevented through education, awareness and humane training techniques.

Space is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Early-bird registration is open until Oct. 5, 2012 and is $85 ($125 for a personalized copy of Victoria's book as well). To register or for more event details, visit Group and shelter worker discounts are available: please contact event organizer YellowDog Creative at [email protected] for details.

Proceeds from the Conference benefit the Victoria Stilwell Foundation.

Downloadable Press Release (PDF)

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3 thoughts on “Victoria Announces the Denver Dog Bite Prevention & Awareness Conference – Nov 2, 2012

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  2. beverly steinberg

    I need help now with my 10# puppy- mill-rescue 5 year old neutered male. After being bitten twice by a neighbor's dg he has become viscously reactive to virtually all dogs and has growled and bitten my husband and me and has growled (bared teeth, lunging) at other people who get near him. He was a biter as a pup and I trained him to not bite. He was great with children and loved meeting other dogs. I have been using Victoria Stilwell's methods as demonstrated in her book and television program, but every time I feel we are making progress, he reverts. Is it relevant that he sleeps with his eyes open?

    Please help or tell me where to get help.

    Thank you for all you have done.

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