Victoria Announces Rare 2-Day Seminar in Manchester, UK

Victoria during her Finland training seminar

Victoria is very excited to announce The Power of Positive Training - a rare, two-day training seminar to be held in Manchester, England on April 6-7, 2013.

Attendees to this limited-capacity, intimate event will learn about how to apply Victoria's proven, science-based, force-free training techniques to their relationships with their pets by emphasizing ways to help the dog learn more effectively and humanely. Specific behavioral issues will be addressed by Victoria while she takes the audience on a journey behind the scenes of It's Me or the Dog, providing a unique look at how her hit TV show is filmed.

The second day of the seminar will focus on aggression issues and how to use the power of positive training to address even the most severe behavioral cases without the use of pain, fear and intimidation.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet Victoria in person, learn about cutting-edge training concepts and techniques, and share in Victoria's passion for promoting safe, balanced, relationship-building with dogs based on mutual trust, respect and love.

The Power of Positive Training Seminar Ticket Information:

  • Early-bird discount for two-day admission (book before Jan 15, 2013):  £105
  • Standard two-day admission (after Jan 15, 2013): £105
  • One-day admission:  £75

Click Here to Buy Tickets

For more information or to book tickets by phone call 01257-423-726 (in the UK).

Produced in partnership with VSPDT trainer Jo Pay and Standish Dog Trainer.

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One thought on “Victoria Announces Rare 2-Day Seminar in Manchester, UK

  1. sharon woodvine

    Hi there I want to ask Victoria about my little wire fox terrier 2 years old who has seperation axiety!!! I feel I am at the end of my tether...trying hearble and holistic therapies but he still suffers when I leave him alone..I lost my shop in April where he was happy but still was suffering ,he was always in company but now he gets so stressed Barking whining trying to get to windows to find me i am so desperate and just want some solid one on one friends dogs all stay alone while they go to work...I am looking for work but leaving poor Oscar alone for hours would not be good..neighbours wont appreciate his noise!

    Kind Regards


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