Victoria Announces New Season of It’s Me or the Dog!

Victoria is excited to announce that she will be filming a new season of It's Me or the Dog later this summer in and around New York City.  After shooting 4 UK seasons and with the 3rd US season currently airing on Animal Planet in the US, Victoria is thrilled to be returning to the New York metro area again to help dogs and owners achieve balance through her force-free, positive reinforcement dog training methods.

"I love New York City," says Stilwell.  "Having cut my teeth as a trainer in large part while living in Manhattan and Northern New Jersey, it was great to return to the area last season with It's Me or the Dog.  I love New Yorkers.  While they often have a reputation for being harsh and rude, I've found that they're among the most warm and welcoming people I've ever been around.  I loved filming there last year and I'm really happy to be going back again later this year."

"We had some truly crazy situations in the last season we shot in New York, and I can't wait to see what's in store for me this summer," says Victoria.  "Hopefully I'll get to meet a few of my future clients this weekend at the NYC Pet show, too!"

Victoria was on hand to kick off the casting search for the upcoming season at the NYC Pet Show on Saturday, May 21st.  After giving a presentation about her dog training experiences and answer fans' questions, Victoria stuck around to sign books and merchandise at the show.  Joining Victoria at the show were the casting team from It's Me or the Dog as they began the search for the NY-area dogs and families most in need of Victoria's help, as well as three of Victoria's licensed dog trainers from the Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training (VSPDT) program.  If you have an out-of-control dog, live in Tri-State area and would like to be on the show, come to the NYC Pet Show or one of the other New York-area casting events to audition to be on the show (it is not necessary to bring your dog, though they are welcome at the show provided they are on a leash). 

Click here for more information about Victoria's appearance at the NYC Pet Show.

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8 thoughts on “Victoria Announces New Season of It’s Me or the Dog!

  1. D

    I'm really excited to hear this - I think the current season has been the best so far, and I can only imagine what's coming up for the next one. Yay for another season of "It's Me or the Dog"!!!!!

  2. miguel

    who like living in the United States can see actual chapters, while we are just here in Latin America in the second season.

  3. sara

    I all wish I could see the new show in uk but I do not have sky only free box which miss you show and see that the last show more that you would know . that keep put same show on me or dog .( help were can get you new show online as not happy with out your show and my dog love the show to 🙁 sara

  4. elizabeth jacobson

    Hello Victoria,
    I absolultely love your show.

    I certainly hope you get this message. We live in the lovely historic Charleston,South Carolina area. I live alone with my daughter and made the mistake of getting a new puppy to quickly after our beloved golden retriever died last year. The puppy we adoped is adorable but now he's one year old and we have a serious problem.Afer some research, I believe he is one of the "Carolina Dogs", a primitive breed discovered in the swamps of Georgia/South Carolina in the 1970's. He's a sweet 1 year old boy but he is only attached to my 1 year old daughter, actually guards her!! If he gets loose, he will not come back to me. She is going off to colllege soon and I am anxious about him running off and then refusing to come back to the house. He is very skittish, actually afraid of his own poop bag!!! when I walk him. He will not get in my car or come to me the times he escaped off the leash or out the door. Please come to our interesting town and teach me how to handle this problem.

    Hoping ot hear from you,
    Elizabeth Jacobson
    [email protected]

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  6. Shauna


    Crossing fingers you'l return to the format where you go back and refresh training after a few weeks of them being on their own! I miss that from the season before last. While I love your show and watch it religiously, I found that to be the most educational.

    I rewatch your shows because everytime I do, I find something new to help me with my newly adopted rescue dogs. Am I succeeding at my training efforts? Maybe a little. I have found that using the clicker in training only works when you actually USE the clicker! 🙂

    I thought after watching all of your shows and reading several books, including yours, that I would be fabulous at training, but I am sadly not. So to all of the trainers out there, you have my upmost respect!! 🙂

  7. Terry

    I am watching the TV guide religously for your new season. It is now October 28, 2011 and I find two episodes listed on Animal Planet. Don't remember if they are new or not. When will your new season begin and how long will it run? Your methods are beginning to sink in with me, and I hope my new pup, Gina, reap the rewards. Thank you.

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