Victoria announces new Positively Podcast series

Victoria is proud to announce the premiere of her new Victoria Stilwell Positively Podcast series. 

With the launch of the inaugural episode in June, 2010, Victoria will regularly provide fans and dog lovers around the world with unique insight into her life and work throughout this fun, educational and lighthearted podcast series.  Joined by co-host (and It's Me or the Dog alum) Holly Firfer,Victoria is excited to have the opportunity to interact with fans through this intimate platform.

"I'm really thrilled about the launch of the new Positively Podcasts, and I can't think of a better co-host for the show than Holly," says Victoria.  "Not only is she a funny, dog-loving, consummately professional on-air talent, she is also a good friend.  We met when I worked with her and her husband Shawn on the Monstrous Mutts episode during the first US season of It's Me or the Dog."

Positively Podcast Co-host Holly Firfer

In addition to tackling the hottest dog and pet-related topics of the day in each episode, the Positively Podcasts will feature such recurring segments as:

  • Ask Victoria  -  Listeners and fans of the show get their questions answered by Victoria on the air.
  • Victoria's Animal Academy  -  Victoria quizzes Holly on dog trivia.
  • Doggie Did You Know?
  • Fascinating Furry Facts.
  • Victoria's Secrets  -  Victoria dishes the inside scoop and provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into her TV show, events, and private work.
  • Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer profiles.
  • Celebrity Interviews and much more.

Fans can listen or download the free episodes on the main Podcast page (, and they can subscribe to the free podcast series on iTunes.

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3 thoughts on “Victoria announces new Positively Podcast series

  1. Sandra Jackson

    I really enjoyed listening to the Positively Podcast. I look forward to future podcasts. Great comments. I love to watch your TV show, It's Me Or The Dog. Tonight is a new one.

  2. Mona

    I love It's Me or the Dog, but unfortunately they don't air the new episodes in Finland (in regular channels at least...). It makes me really sad, but now I'm happier because I found out about the podcast! I can still get my doze of fabulous Victoria Stilwell someway. The podcast has been really great so far and I'm really looking forward to listen to the new episodes. Keep up the awesome work!

  3. abbie

    dear victoria,

    my cocker spanial has a uranating problem. if you go down to touch her she uranates my parents have recamended a dogy dipper

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