Victoria Announces 2012 European Tour Dates

Victoria Stilwell will again be taking her message of positive relationship-building with dogs on the road - this time to Europe.  During June and July of 2012, Victoria will make several appearances, ranging from live tour events to full-day dog training seminars.

"I'm thrilled to be able to visit Europe and continue the public discussion about the safest, most effective and humane ways to build relationships with dogs," Victoria states.  "Several countries in  Europe have long been considered leaders in the move away from punishment and dominance-based training ideologies, but as in the US, there is also still much work to be done as well."

Beginning with a live tour event in Helsinki's Finlandia Hall on June 16th, Victoria will demonstrate the power of positive training in entertaining yet educational multimedia presentations featuring never-before seen video, descriptions of real-world case studies, and sometimes even live dog training demonstrations.

During four exclusive appearances at full-day seminars in both Rome and Milan, Victoria will work closely with attendees of her Italian dates, which will also feature two members of Victoria's international VSPDT roster of world-class trainers: Greendogs' Daniela Cardillo and Il Cane Norma's Giorgio Guglielminotti Garmot. Victoria will also be making several appearances throughout Italy in support of the soon-to-be-released Italian version of of her bestselling book, It's Me or the Dog (Basta! Io o il Cane).

Finally, Victoria will conduct a one-day seminar in Donegal, Ireland in association with Lupanast Dog Training.

June 15 Helsinki, Finland info coming soon
June 23 Rome, Italy tickets
June 24 Rome, Italy tickets
June 30 Lecco, Italy tickets
July 1 Lecco, Italy ticket
July 7 Donegal, Ireland info

To check tour dates and for more information, also visit Victoria's Appearances page on the Positively site.

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2 thoughts on “Victoria Announces 2012 European Tour Dates

  1. Kerstin Zeuge


    I have just learned that you plan to come to Europe in 2012!

    Would it be possible for you to come to Sweden, preferably on a 2-day-seminar?
    We would like you to come either October, 27-28, or November 3-4.
    And if possible, could you give us an estimate of the costs for doing so?

    Looking forward to hear from you soon!

    Kerstin Zeuge

  2. Lorna Langford

    Please come to UK. I have 2 pugs and they are killing each other. These are 2 brothers from the same litter, fighting over who is top dog. They have been castrated. I have seen trainers in the past and no one can help!
    Something needs to be done before one of them gets hurt.

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