Train Your Dog Positively Book Excerpt

An exclusive excerpt from Victoria's new book, Train Your Dog Positively, which is available from March 19th in the US:

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6 thoughts on “Train Your Dog Positively Book Excerpt

  1. Melanie

    Thank you so much Victoria for all you do to help us train our four legged friends. I just finished reading your first book the other day and can't wait to start the new one. My family and I are going to have 2 new friends join us in the next few weeks. One is a one year old rescue Chihuahua and the other is an 8 week old cocker spaniel. I've been studying how to help them adjust to each other and our family. I can't wait to try out several of your techniques. Keep up the great work!!

  2. brian gibson

    hi my name is brian gibson and i have a mooke dog and i need your help please cause every time me and my cuzin try to cut lolas hair or take her a bath she starts bitting and scratching us and she also bits stuff and she runs out the door when people comes to my door please i need your help my number is 1917 645-5102

  3. DeLinda

    Having read, and re-read this book - I can honestly say it's the best dog training book available (that I've read). Fully of facts and resources - as well as tips for common problems, I would say it's a must have for all dog owners.

    Thank you Victoria!!

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