The New VSPDT Phone Consultation Program – Talk to a VSPDT Trainer!

Book a phone or Skype dog training consultation with a Victoria Stilwell-licensed trainerWe get hundreds of emails every day asking for dog training and behavior advice from dog owners around the world who are committed to raising their dogs the right way. In the past, those looking for answers to their dog-related questions had only two options. Either they could try to navigate through the thousands of available web sites about dog issues (which even if they found solid advice from good science-based sources, it would be a one-way conversation). Or they could search for a local trainer near where they lived, in which case they’d be at the mercy of whichever trainers happened to market themselves most effectively. Sadly, a majority of such trainers these days still employ outdated, less effective, and often dangerous training techniques which misdiagnose the root of most behavior problems and misapply the concept of dominance while using punishment to ‘correct’ a behavior.

Now there’s another choice.

Starting in May 2013, Victoria Stilwell Positively has made our global network of world-class dog trainers available to every person in the world who is looking for science-based, professional help with their dogs. Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainers (VSPDTs) are professional dog behavior experts who are personally approved and licensed by Victoria herself, and who practice only the same powerful, force-free, positive training methods employed by Victoria.

While I may not be available to help you personally with your dog, now you have access to the next best thing – a qualified, licensed trainer who you know you can trust to employ the same science-based, force-free, pain-free and intimidation-free techniques that I use on TV and in private practice to help get you back on track.

Whether you’re simply looking to get off on the right foot with your new puppy, just added a new rescue dog to your household, or are looking for help solving an existing behavior issue with your dog, contacting a qualified positive, force-free dog trainer should be your first step and most important course of action. With the new VSPDT Phone Consultation program, you now have access to the finest trainers in the world who can help get you started, identify key training protocols, help define what to look for when hiring a local trainer, and provide a qualified support system which you can trust to be a positive solution.

Talk to a certified positive dog trainer now!

While phone consultations with VSPDT’s are valuable starter tools and perfect solutions for those looking for training help who are not in an area served by a licensed VSPDT, it is important to note that nothing can replace the value of an actual in-person session with a licensed Positively trainer. For those not able to find a VSPDT trainer near them, however, or for those looking for a little general guidance before determining their next course of action, a phone consultation is an ideal bridge solution.

So go ahead. Get started. Register for your phone consultation today and get connected with one of my amazing VSPDT trainers – you and your dog will be glad you did.

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