Register for the UK’s National Dog Bite Prevention & Behaviour Conference

UK-DBC-flyer-2014-595x842Registration is now open for the 1st National Dog Bite Prevention and Behaviour Conference. Presented by Victoria Stilwell Positively, this important 2-day event is open to the public and will be held May 31 - June 1, 2014 in Hampshire, UK.

The United Kingdom is currently undergoing an epidemic of severe dog bites. Renowned TV dog trainer, Victoria Stilwell has enlisted the help of the world’s top canine behaviour experts, lawyers, and educators to create the National Dog Bite Prevention & Behaviour Conference – a national event dedicated to finding practical and workable solutions to this universal problem through education and heightened awareness.

This two day conference features dynamic presentations from some of the world’s top dog behaviour and law experts including:

  • Victoria Stilwell, dog behaviour counselor and creator of It’s Me or the Dog (Channel 4)
  • Jim Crosby, world renowned dog bite forensic investigator and aggression expert
  • Trevor Cooper, dog bite law specialist
  • Beverley Cuddy, Publisher & Proprietor of Dogs Today Magazine
  • Sarah Fisher, T-touch practitioner and behaviour counselor
  • Chirag Patel, certified pet dog trainer and pet behaviour counselor.

This conference is open to everyone including dog lovers, dog trainers, groomers, pet sitters and dog walkers, animal shelter workers and other animal care professionals, dog wardens, police, educators, veterinarians and legal and medical professionals.

Topics include:

  • Understanding aggression
  • Recognizing and interpreting canine body language
  • The effect of punitive training methods on dogs
  • Safe-handling of aggressive dogs
  • What to do after a dog bites
  • How to investigate a bite incident
  • Victims’ rights
  • The inadequacies and inefficiencies inherent in breed-specific legislation (BSL)
  • Successful treatment of stress, anxiety and fear in dogs including the use of T-Touch and other cutting edge humane training techniques
  • How to keep children safe around dogs through education and parental awareness

Conference Details:

  • Registration fee includes free parking and full lunch both days.
  • Because of the subject matter this conference is not open to children under the age of 16.
  • Unfortunately pet dogs are not permitted at this conference.

A percentage of all proceeds will be donated to SAGA, military canine-related charities and the Victoria Stilwell Foundation.

Register here.

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