Register for the 2015 UK National Dog Bite Prevention & Behaviour Conference

UK-DBAC-logo-500x478Registration is now open for the second annual UK Dog Bite Prevention and Behaviour Conference. 

Renowned TV dog trainer, Victoria Stilwell has enlisted the help of the world’s top canine behaviour experts and educators to create the National Dog Bite Prevention & Behaviour Conference – a national event dedicated to finding practical and workable solutions to the universal problem of dog bites and to providing the most up-to-date information on canine behaviour.

This second annual conference will be held at the University of Lincoln on June 6-7, 2015 and will feature dynamic presentations from some of the world’s top dog behaviour experts including:

  • Victoria Stilwell, certified dog behaviour counselor and creator of It’s Me or the Dog (Channel 4)
  • Daniel Mills, professor of veterinary behavioural medicine, University of Lincoln
  • David Ryan, certified clinical animal behaviourist
  • Kendal Shepherd, veterinary surgeon and clinical animal behaviourist
  • Nando Brown, certified pet dog trainer, trick and nosework instructor
  • Kerstin Meints, professor of developmental psychology, University of Lincoln
  • Louise Swindlehurst, Vice Chair Canine Massage Guild
  • Todd Hogue, professor of forensic psychology, University of Lincoln
  • Trevor Cooper, solicitor and UK dog law specialist

The National Dog Bite Prevention and Behaviour Conference is open to everyone including dog lovers, dog trainers, groomers, pet sitters and dog walkers, animal shelter workers and other animal care professionals as well as dog wardens, law enforcement, educators, veterinarians, legal and medical professionals.

Get more information and register by clicking here or below.

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