Now Accepting Video Submissions for ‘Ask Victoria’!

L_ItsMeOrTheDog-gen1Do you have a dog training issue you wish you could talk to Victoria about? Do you wish she could see your dog's behavior firsthand? Well, now's your chance!

In the past, 'Ask Victoria' questions have only been able to be submitted in writing, but you can now also include a link to a video version of your question (or footage of your dogs' issues), and Victoria may feature your submission in an upcoming 'Ask Victoria' web video series episode.  If your question is training-related, be sure to include as much background info as possible while keeping it brief – it’s more helpful for others to be able to read your (short) question along with her answers.

Click here to ask or upload your question now.

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2 thoughts on “Now Accepting Video Submissions for ‘Ask Victoria’!

  1. Marcella Porro

    Hello Victoria, my name is Marcella and I have a 3 year old dog and a 16 week old puppy fighting for dominance. I'm not sure what I should do and am afraid this behavior will continue outside the house. Please give me tips on how I should deal with this behavior.

  2. Positively

    HI Carole, we recommend a consultation with a qualified trainer to give you some tips on how to manage or change this behavior. It is impossible to give you good advice without seeing your pup's behavior, I'm afraid.
    For immediate help, I recommend that you visit our website and plug in your zip code or city to see if there is a VSPDT local to you. If there isn't, there is always the option of doing a phone consultation with one of them.
    Here is the link to search for a VSPDT:
    Here is the link to request a phone consultation:
    Either way, you should be able to get some very much-needed help.
    The Team at Positively

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