New York Governor Signs Puppy Mill Regulation Bill

20131101-Puppies-SamiraBouaou-8356-676x438In a huge animal rights victory, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that gives local municipalities the ability to enforce their own laws regarding puppy mills, and the power to crack down on commercial dog breeding facilities harder than they have ever been able to in the past. Previously, the state had sole regulatory power to pass laws related to the pet industry.

The new law will make it easier to detect unlicensed dog breeders and those who avoid regulation by quickly selling dogs online or by selling the dogs privately. Beyond that, the bill increases the control the government has over the health and safety of puppies being sold in New York. Municipalities will now have the option of requiring that pet stores only sell puppies that do not come from puppy mills.

This is an excellent first step for New York, and will hopefully lead the way for legislation in more states and eventually throughout the country. Let's hope that local municipalities will take the power granted to them in this bill and will pass laws that protect our animals and shut down puppy mills across the state.

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  • Keesgarden

    This law certainly applies to Marjorie's kennels in Harpursville! Please help to shut down this filthy place!

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