New season of It’s Me or the Dog premieres this Saturday!

The new season of It's Me or the Dog premieres Saturday, June 2 at 7pm ET on Animal Planet in the US.

Check local listings.

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5 thoughts on “New season of It’s Me or the Dog premieres this Saturday!

  1. Mary Renigar

    I am sooo glad to see that your show will be back. I loved to watch and try to learn. I was given a puppy that was about 5 lbs. The person that gave her to me has drug and alchol problems. I felt I had to take her because I didn't know what may happen to her. Welll of course I fell in love with her and can not stand the thought of giving her up. The problem is that one year later she weighs about 85 lbs. I weight 115. I have a lot of trouble walking her when we pass other people because she wants to be friends. She wants to jump on them and she can knock them down little kids would be hurt because she dosen;t relize how strong she is' So I will be watching and hopefully I can learn some tricks that will help with the pulling and jumping. She is very smart and is a quick learner.

  2. Angele

    I'm so disappointed that it's only in the U.S. I was hoping that it was starting in Canada too 🙁 Hopefully, it will play in Canada soon too!

  3. Pat

    I'm so glad It's Me or the Dog is back but I wish Animal Planet had scheduled it for Prime Time. 7PM is too early. I work Saturdays and don't get home from work until 7:30. Then they repeat the show at 2 AM! Why can't this show be on at 8 or 9 PM as it used to be?

  4. charulata mahajan

    i request you ,please start this show in india also,in india your show give lots of knowledge which need here more and more ,please start here also.its pleasure for me and for all indians ....

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