Learn to Become a Dog Trainer with Victoria Stilwell


The inaugural class of Victoria Stilwell Academy students.

"Best experience I could have imagined! I already feel I got my tuition's worth from this week’s Primer Intensive alone. Thank you so much for such a POSITIVE experience!"

-Laura, Current VSA Student

If you've been considering making dog training a career or would like to enhance what you're able to offer as a dog walker, shelter worker, groomer or pet service provider, the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training & Behavior was designed just for you! Whether you're a dog training novice or if you've been training for some time already, this comprehensive 6-month program will prepare you for a successful career as a dog trainer.

"I set out to create a school with the hope of designing the most well-rounded, exciting dog training curriculum out there," says founder Victoria Stilwell of the Academy, "and based on the feedback we're getting from students, we've achieved exactly that."

As a VSA student, you'll have the opportunity to: 

  • Train with Victoria live and in person
  • Study under a hand-picked mentor in your home area
  • Learn about dog training, communicating with people, and the business side of training from world-class faculty
  • Work hands-on with dogs in a variety of real-world environments
  • Receive constant support from Victoria, fellow students, your mentor, and VSA faculty

One of the unique aspects of the VSA experience is that you only need to travel twice during the whole course, and you're never away from home and work for more than one week at a time. The rest of the course takes place in your own hometown and includes valuable time with our industry-leading mentor program.

"I am honored to be a mentor trainer for one of the students in the very first academy class. Victoria, you're doing it right. In the past, I've been a mentor trainer for another organization - you're "positively" ahead of the game."  -Silvia Golz, VSA Mentor

Registration is now open for Dog Trainer Courses starting this fall, both in the US and the UK. Grab your spot before they fill up!

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