Justice For Jane

Jane, a beautiful beloved family pet, was tragically shot and killed last year by police officers in Atlanta.

Jane, a beautiful beloved family pet, was tragically shot and killed last year by police officers in Atlanta.

For the last eight months I have been filming with the officers and dogs of an incredible Georgia based police k9 unit for my new upcoming web series Guardians of the Night, and this has given me first-hand experience of what these brave men and their dogs do on a daily basis to keep the public safe.   I have witnessed things I never thought I would see, including the nightly danger these officers’ face. On a number of occasions people have purposefully set their dogs on us in an effort to avoid arrest warrants and in other situations dogs have run out of their homes or yards as we and the officers’ approach. 

Fortunately because I’m filming with a k9 unit, the officers are very good at reading canine body language and intention, knowing instinctively which dogs pose a danger and which are all bark and no bite, but I can see how many police men and women see a strange dog’s approach as a threat and react accordingly, including shooting that threat before it does any harm.   Unless you’ve been in a highly charged situation such as most situations these officers go into, you have no idea what it's like from the law enforcement side. 

However, I still believe there are too many dogs being shot by law enforcement personnel, and the tragic case of Jane, a dog who was shot in Atlanta  on November 10th 2013, illustrates just what a hot button issue this has become and how important it is that all law enforcement receive the right kind of education to protect themselves and the human and animal community they serve.  Jane’s family along with a very dear friend of mine are now trying to make a positive change by amending title 35 to develop policies addressing how peace officers shall negotiate their encounters with domestic animals.  They need your help to raise awareness by showing support for this amendment through Bill HB 803 in Jane’s memory and the memory of all the dogs that have lost their lives because of lack of essential education and awareness.  These tragic incidences have to end and I myself, who has the greatest respect for law enforcement, will do what I can to help make that change happen.  Show your support by visiting Jane's FB page


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