Jasmine’s Favorite! Victoria Announces New Line of Dog Training Treats

Victoria Stilwell announces new Positively Training Treats

Victoria's new hand-made Positively Training Treats are organic, grain-free and delicious... the ultimate 'jackpot' reward!


As a world-renowned dog trainer famous for being the torchbearer of positive training methods on TV, Victoria Stilwell is regularly bombarded with questions, but one question in particular has a most familiar ring to her.

"Yes, I'd say without a doubt one of the most frequently asked questions by people on my website, Facebook & Twitter pages, at live events, or in the supermarket has to be 'What kind of treats do you use?'" says Stilwell from her Atlanta home. "No matter what the problem someone is having with their dogs or how under-control they think they've got things, the one thing they're always open to suggestion about is what to use as food rewards when training."

After years of hearing the question and working through a rotation of early favorites, Victoria is now making her ultimate training treat available to the masses with the launch of her tasty new Positively Training Treats. Featuring an ultra-organic grain-free recipe of easily breakable biscuits, these treats have been hand-picked by Victoria (and her super-picky Chihuahua mix, Jasmine) to serve as the true 'jackpot' reward for dogs.

Initially available in only one flavor (Peanut Butter & Banana), these treats have been given the paws up by countless dogs who have already tried them.

"I wanted to be sure that first and foremost, these Positively Training Treats were healthy additions to a good doggie diet, but then also we worked very hard to ensure  that these are the most desirable, scrumptious morsels that dogs will love. I'm very excited that we are able to achieve that," Stilwell says. She claims that while her chocolate lab, Sadie will eat just about anything, her rescued Chihuahua mix is much tougher customer when it comes to what she eats.

"I know dogs like variation in their diets - who wouldn't? But our little project, Jasmine, takes pickiness to a whole new level," Stilwell states. "But Jasmine literally can't get enough of these bite-sized treats."

The ingredients of these treats are locally-sourced in Atlanta, GA, and each biscuit is hand-pressed and individually prepared. No fillers, preservatives, gluten or grains will be found in this recipe, and Victoria assures us that these treats are so high-quality, even humans can eat them. "Absolutely - these treats are made from human-grade ingredients and I insist that anything I put my name on is backed by my guarantee that it's the finest dog product you'll be able to find anywhere. That's part of what took so long for me to bring these to the market."

Positively Training Treats are only available online from the Positively E-store, so treat your dog by trying a batch of Victoria's new recipe here.

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One thought on “Jasmine’s Favorite! Victoria Announces New Line of Dog Training Treats

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