It’s Me or the Dog Premieres in Canada!

Following the success Victoria's popular dog training TV show has had in over 50 countries, It's Me or the Dog is now set to make its Canadian premiere on Animal Planet Canada this Tuesday, August, 2nd, 2011 at 7pm ET.

Over the past 6 years, It's Me or the Dog has become the definitive television destination for dog lovers and enthusiasts around the world due to Victoria's combination of unique wit, British charm and uncanny ability to turn any badly-behaved dog into a balanced, loving, well-heeled member of the family.  From the fiercest, most seemingly out-of-control bully breeds to the overpampered, faux-children handbag dogs of Manhattan's Upper East Side, Victoria has seen it all... and conquered every one.

Now Canadians have the opportunity to witness Victoria's amazing touch with dogs as well as her no-nonsense, straight-talking approach with their owners as she brings order into the most chaotic households.  Premiering on Tuesday, August 2nd at 7pm ET, It's Me or the Dog will be aired twice daily on Animal Planet Canada.

Click here for specific show times and listings.

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3 thoughts on “It’s Me or the Dog Premieres in Canada!

  1. stacey sutera

    I rescued a 3-4 yr old male dachshund, Ike, who was malnurished and was taken away from his sibling when both were given up to a shelter. He was also having pain when I would pick him up. I took him to the vet tried rimadyl and steroids, but without medications his back legs were giving out. He needed surgery for a herniated disk. For this I took out a small loan and he is doing fantastic.

    Since he is feeling better, he barks when I leave him alone and I live in a townhouse. Neighbors are rightfully complaining and I have to work. Is there anything I can do to change his behavior? I have tried leaving the TV on and I have a female minature dachshund that is 4 yrs old and they get along great. Unfortunately he barks even though he has another dog to keep him company. I recently tried leaving him out of the crate when I leave, but he still barks when I'm gone. Is there any hope for Ike and I?

  2. Benedetta

    Hello victoria, my name is benedetta.
    i'm twelve years old . i have dog very very brat.eats shoes, leashes, and when we eat never leaves us eat in peace. Help plkeas hello Benedetta

  3. Simone

    This is such fantastic news! I have been telling everyone who will listen and even went so far as to finally have television in my house. I especially look forward to having episodes available on iTunes in Canada too.

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