Introducing the Newly-Redesigned Positively No-Pull Harness

Sometimes good just isn’t good enough.

Since its launch a couple years ago, the Positively No-Pull Harness quickly established itself as one of the best-made, most effective tools to prevent leash-pulling on the market. We’ve heard glowing reports from users who love the fact that it helps reduce pulling without causing any discomfort or pain for the dog.

And now it’s even better.

The Positively No-Pull Harness works by utilizing the dog’s natural center of gravity – effectively and painlessly allowing the handler to redirect the dog when she pulls during walks.

But there was a catch.

When the dog pulled, the front-attachment on the harness was shifted towards the direction of the handler because the leash pulled the whole front of the harness over. The new Positively No-Pull Harness fixes that by adding an additional available connection point to the front so that there’s one on the left and one on the right of the center of the chest.

PrintNow, you can even more effectively stop pulling while walking on either side of the dog. Simply connect the leash to the furthest chest connection from you so that when the dog pulls, the connection automatically shifts to the center of the dog’s chest. This provides even more no-pull action than the previous model (which was already pretty darned effective!)

Check out the video at the top of this page where I explain how to put it on, why it works, and the best way to use it most effectively.

As before, one of the coolest things about this harness is that once you and your dog have aced the leash-pulling problem, you can continue to use the back connection on the harness as a traditional walking tool.

And the popular velvet strap under the dog’s arm is just as comfy as ever – no chafing!

01New Harness Features:

  • New double front connections to maximize no-pull effectiveness from both left and right
  • Comfortable velvet underarm strap prevents chafing or
  • No ‘Martingale’ effect between shoulder blades (eliminates any discomfort for dog)
  • 4 adjustment points allow snug fit for all shapes and sizes of dog
  • Traditional shoulder connection allows standard harness use after training
  • Stylish new unisex grey color
  • Includes Victoria’s leash-walking training tips

The Positively No-Pull Harness is available exclusively at the Positively online store.


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  • Christine Schrock

    I am so excited to give this harness a try. I just ordered it along with the fancy dancy leash. I haven't ever used a leash like that before, so I'm hoping for the best. I have a 1 year 4 month old German Shepherd/Husky mix who is about 50lbs and pulls like no other. I have gone through the Easy Walk, Halti Harness (similar to easy walk), Gentle lead, and the old freedom harness. Nothing really worked, well the gentle lead did and i kinda like it but I still like the look of a harness better. I got so excited when I saw that the freedom had been redone. When i saw the design changes, it all made sense and I just had to get one. Now the wait for it to arrive...fingers crossed that it works. 🙂

  • Excellent, Christine! Be sure to let us know how it works for you. good luck!

  • Kathy Andrew

    Hello, My new Boxer puppy is arriving in February (will be 8 weeks old). What harness would I need to buy to start her off?

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