Introducing the New ‘Kindness is Powerful’ PetHub Tags!

When it comes to our relationships with our dogs, nothing is more important than keeping them safe. We feed them the most nutritious food, train them to respond appropriately in all situations, and provide regular veterinary care to keep them healthy. But we must also be sure we have safeguards in place in the event our dogs go roaming, get lost or (god forbid) stolen.

That's why I'm so excited to introduce our brand new Kindness is Powerful Positively ID tags from PetHub.

VS-PetHub-KiPtogether-210x182There are a several options available to owners looking to take advantage of newer technology when keeping tabs on their pets, but I chose to launch with PetHub due to the combination of technical features and robust back-end support system. It's one thing to be able to track a pet by scanning a QR code or 'bumping' it with your phone via NFC chip, but if there's no one there to answer the phone when someone finds your dog, it's no good. PetHub has a lot of great features that make the awful process of locating your lost pet a little bit less traumatic.

If the worst happens and your pet does go missing, anyone with a smartphone can scan the tag, view your pet's profile, and get you and your pet reunited. In 2012, 97% of lost PetHub pets were home within one day.


How does it work?

  • Get your tag: purchase your unique premium PetHub tag.
  • Add a pet: Sign up for free and add your dog to PetHub's national database.
  • Link your tag: Connect your tag with the PetHub Protection Program.

How does PetHub help get your pet home?

  • Tags are QR coded, and link to your free online profile. 
  • Free 24/7 Toll-free Found Pet Hotline
  • Shelter & Community "Amber Alert" for your missing pet*
  • Instant "Lost Pet" posters*
  • Notification of when and where your pet is found via instant email notifications with GPS mapping*
  • Website available in 5 language, and more are coming soon.

* Part of optional premium service package

Get your PetHub tag here. 



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