New season of It’s Me or the Dog to be filmed in NYC

Victoria is excited to announce that she will be bringing her dog training TV show, It's Me or the Dog, to the New York metropolitan area this summer.  The upcoming season of the hit Animal Planet show will be filmed in and around New York City beginning in June, 2010. 

"I'm really excited to be coming back to New York City, where I lived and worked for several years before I began filming It's Me or the Dog in the UK," Stilwell explains.  "I gained a lot of invaluable hands-on experience as a trainer by working with rescue dogs from many of the area's fantastic rescue groups in New York, and I'm thrilled to be able to return there now with the show to help dog owners in and around the city through some of their dog problems."

Stilwell says that she's a better trainer today because she had to overcome many of the challenges of working as a dog trainer in New York City.  "Starting my own dog training business in New York City was daunting," Stilwell says, especially for a young woman from the leafy suburbs of London.  "I volunteered as a behavior counselor for several of the rescue groups that went into the toughest part of the city to get dogs out of pretty terrible conditions - fighting dogs, abuse cases and the like.  So a lot of the dogs I worked with there were some of the most extreme cases I've ever seen, but that was really valuable experience for me as a trainer." 

Stilwell also says that seeing the progress that even such damaged dogs could make was inspiring.  "My passion as a positive reinforcement trainer was really cemented by seeing how effectively positive reinforcement techniques were in dealing with these amazingly resilient dogs.  I'm really excited to be coming back to New York to continue to spread that message."

The casting team for It's Me or the dog has begun an extensive search to find the most unruly, boisterous and out-of-control dogs in the New York metro area. 

For information about how to apply to be on the show in New York, click here.

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5 thoughts on “New season of It’s Me or the Dog to be filmed in NYC

  1. Heather Spadaccini

    We have this dog called Macy who is a shitzu. And she is acting very bad. Macy has been putting bad effect on our two other dogs who are called Leo and Maddie. By her coming she has incouraged our dogs to do what they want to when they want too. And my husband has been in bad mode becuase of the things happening. He even said I'll get ride of them. So Victory we need your help and train our dogs so please pick our faimly.

  2. Nina Rosalie

    Hi Victoria! I wrote to you in one of your "on line chats" and told you of my interest in traiining companion and service dogs for children with disabilities. I am half-way through the dog training program at the Animal Bhavior College and will begin my "hands on" training this summer. (As a member of your website, I also wrote a PM to you in your Forum as "Thepupstopshere"). I live on Long Island, in New York and would be so honored (an understatement!) to meet you and talk about your new Foundation, of which I hope to be involved as a future VSP dog trainer! While in NYC, will you be hosting any type of public seminar or even a "meet and greet" afternoon? Or, since I will be at the point of beginning "my own training" with an ABC trainer, would you possibly allow anyone.... namely me : ) .... to observe you as you tape an episode? I am probably one of the older future dog trainers in America, but my passion, enthusiasm, and dedication have no concept of age!! I do so hope that you or someone on your staff will respond and let me know if my wish will become a reality. Thank you for all that you do and represent.
    Sincerely ~Nina Rosalie

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