Dog Bite Prevention Week 2013

dog bite preventionDog Bite Prevention week is here, and it's always a great chance to reflect on how we can better protect our dogs and our children from the preventable tragedy of a dog bite. Responsible pet ownership, including spaying and neutering your pet, keeping him on leash when out on walks, and never leaving any child unattended with your dog are some of the best ways you can prevent a bite. Check out some of Victoria's helpful and  articles about dog bite prevention.

How to Know When a Dog is About to Bite

Introducing Pets to Babies

Dog Bite Prevention: Part 1

Dog Bite Prevention: Part 2


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2 thoughts on “Dog Bite Prevention Week 2013

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  2. Diane Schuler

    As a former RN in a busy Midwestern pediatric hospital I was always saddened by the number of children coming in for treatment after being bitten by dogs. I have had dogs almost all of my life, belong to Dog Scouts of America (an organization that focuses on positive training, encourages doing things with your dog to enhance the bond, provides education to the public on all things important to living with a dog, etc.), and have done pet therapy in schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and libraries for 13 years. Because I know how very special dogs can be and realizing that many of these children would likely grow up with a life-long fear of dogs, I developed a program to teach dog safety and bite prevention in schools in the Detroit metropolitan area. If children can learn the appropriate behavior around dogs, the frequency of bites can be lessened. We developed an activity book and it has been distributed during school assemblies, scout meetings, fund raising programs, and publicity events for the hospital. By now, thousands of children have been reached by this program. I love doing this and am happy to go just about anywhere to get the word out! Now that I have retired, I have even more time to devote to this project.

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