Dog Behaviour Conference Now A Global Online Event

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Positively and the Victoria Stilwell Academy have announced that registration is now open to the public for the International Dog Behavior Conference which - for the first time ever - will be held online rather than in-person.

For the past six years, Positively, VSPDT and the Victoria Stilwell Academy have hosted the National Dog Behavior Conference in the UK. It’s always one of our absolute favorite times of the year, not just because of the awesome content that our fabulous presenters bring each year, but also because of the community it represents.

The dog training world – and the dog owning world, for that matter – is a collection of wonderful people committed to providing the very best they can for the dogs in their lives. Whether that’s as a dog trainer, daycare owner, veterinary staff, rescue volunteer or employee, or just an uber dog-geek of an owner.

The Dog Behavior Conference brings together like-minded people who are passionate about making the world better for animals around the world. And up until this year, it’s been pretty much limited to people in Britain since the conference has been hosted in the UK in the past.

Now, though, with the coronavirus situation wreaking havoc with all of our lives, we're excited to share that the conference is bigger and better than ever... online!

While we were disappointed to have to cancel the in-person conference, we’re really excited about the new benefits that this move to an online event will bring.

First, more people can join us and get access to the amazing content that some of the world leaders in the pet industry have to offer. The conference is now open to everyone around the world, so you can log in from anywhere and be a part of the action.

Second, we get to add a couple more rock star presenters to the speaker list. We already had a ridiculously talented and engaging lineup including Victoria, Sarah Fisher, Holly Root-Gutteridge, J. Nichole Smith, Sarah Heath, and Kay Laurence.

But now we're thrilled to announce that we’ll also be hearing from the esteemed Clive Wynne from Arizona State University, as well as the tremendous Zazie Todd of Companion Animal

Plus, we’ve been able to lower the cost of registration to less than half of what it had been for the in-person version. Full registration for the two day online event is just $125 – and that includes lifetime access to watch the video recordings of the presentation as much as you’d like after the event.

The online International Dog Behavior Conference will be held on May 9-10, 2020, and you can register to reserve your spot now at

Seats for this online conference are limited, and we’ve sold out of this event each of the past several years in-person. Now you can reserve your place and take advantage of lifetime access to the content for just $125.

Click here to learn more and register today!

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