Bone of Contention: An all-new It’s Me or the Dog episode

"Bone of Contention", an all-new episode of It's Me or the Dog airs this Saturday, April 16th at 8pm ET. 

In this episode, Victoria tangles with Eric, the young owner of an unneutered Presa Canario, about the root causes of their problems and what to do about them.

Watch an excerpt:

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9 thoughts on “Bone of Contention: An all-new It’s Me or the Dog episode

  1. Carol

    OMG --- talk about a recipe for disaster. An 18-year old young male with an in-tact Presa Canario!

    And he knows NOTHING about what it takes to be a good breeder --- all the health testing, temperament testing, and then RAISING the healthy, stable, puppies. Heck, looking at the temperament of that dog --- I would NEVER consider breeding him!

  2. Mike D'Abruzzo

    Eric comes to our training facility in this episode. No dog should be this reactive to quick movements or for looking at him the wrong way. Owners who breed for the sake of breeding or for money are the reason why the best examples of most breeds are found in the history books - especially in the US where puppies have become a major cash crop.

    Eric loves this dog and Casper can be a great dog with the right guidance and training, but unfortunately this episode represents the reason why there is a steady decline in the temperaments of many magnificent breeds. Ultimately, the dogs suffer.

  3. Tonya

    My husband begged me not to watch this episode. By minute 5, I was ready to throw something at the TV! I appreciate that the breeders in NY took Eric under their wings. I wonder, though, how long his enthusiasm for doing the right thing will last. As a trainer, I would have strangled the guy!

    Please, Victoria, follow up with Eric and his dog often. And, I hope that you can report that I was wrong about him.

  4. Johanna

    It is not the breed nore the dog who and what is the problem in that house. It's the human who owns this breed and dog. In the right hands this will be a magnificent animal! As the young owner say's; He will do anything!! I hope for the dog that he means it! Also i think, no correction i know that this kind of dog and this owner are better off in the hands of Ceasar Millan. Sorry to write that but he is an much more expercient trainer off the strong breeds. I wish the dog and the owner all the best and all the luck from Germany.

  5. Sarah

    Thanks very much for doing this episode. I hope it hit home to some of the people out there like Eric. I would love to hear updates on this episode as time goes by.

  6. Cindy

    Presa canario is a working protection breed, should be rehomed to an experienced ownerwith a lot of space. Needs a strong handler and obedience and a lot of exercise.

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