‘Be A Positive Reflection’ Shirts Now Available

The latest design in my ongoing collaboration with Dog is Good for the Victoria Stilwell Collection is now available in the Positively online store!

I'm really excited about this latest design, entitled 'Be A Positive Reflection' - a stylish, brand-new blue ladies' tee shirt featuring a subtle reflected image of man's best friend.

Having a healthy, balanced relationship with your dog based on mutual trust, respect and love is only the beginning. It’s also important to share that ideal and ‘pay it forward’ in our lives with dogs and beyond our pets. That’s the concept behind this new design we created in collaboration with our friends at Dog is Good as part of our exclusive Victoria Stilwell Collection – Be a Positive Reflection. It’s tough to argue with the idea that we should take our positive relationships with our beloved 4-legged friends and amplify that spirit outward so that everyone can see and benefit from the power of Positive.

Buy the new 'Be A Positive Reflection' top here!


About the Victoria Stilwell Collection:
This exclusive line of custom apparel combines the parallel passions of renowned dog trainer Victoria Stilwell and Dog is Good for celebrating and achieving the most rewarding relationships with our dogs based on mutual trust, respect and love... Positively.

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