ABC’s 20/20 Looking for Dogs With Separation Anxiety

Our Dog Destroys Our House When We’re Away…HELP!

Does your dog chew walls, dig holes in the mattress, jump over barricades to trash the kitchen cabinets, tear apart pillows and shoes, or eat through furniture? Are you afraid to leave your home for fear of what might be ripped apart next?

ABC's 20/20 is looking for two or three different pet owners whose dogs  are little angels when their families are at home, but then destroy their apartments or houses when the owners leave! We want to know: is this canine mayhem a result of separation anxiety? Boredom? Perhaps something else? 20/20 will help find a solution for families desperate to restore paw-and-order in their homes!

20/20 will install hidden cameras to catch the furry rascals in the act! ABC News will then interview the pet owners about what their lives have been like with their lovable but destructive dogs and what these families have already tried to do to save their belongings from ruin. Renowned dog expert Victoria Stilwell will offer her expertise as to why this bad doggie behavior is happening, and how to correct it.

20/20 is ideally looking for families living in the New York area, but the production team can also travel out of state if need be. Photos and video already shot are welcome and very helpful, but not necessary.  Please be sure to include your city and state

Send entries ASAP using the form below (do not post entries in the comment form below):

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4 thoughts on “ABC’s 20/20 Looking for Dogs With Separation Anxiety

  1. susan ronis

    I would like to enter my dog into the specisal on ABC and he is very cute and good for the camer. He is a 4 year old maltese

  2. sarah cox

    Hi could you please give us some tips on how to stop our dog pooing when we leave him alone... we leave him in our extension while I take the children to school, go shopping etc....when I come back he will have always poo'd and even chewed at the wall or the door.

    Many thanks

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