A Great New Way To Play Music For Your Dog

icalm_handI love playing calming music for my dogs.

Whenever Jasmine and Sadie hear the Calming CD from my Canine Noise Phobia Series, they relax onto their beds and drift off to sleep. I use it in the home and in the car, and I've heard from countless happy pet parents who have witnessed the power of psychoacoustic music and positive training protocols firsthand.

The music in my series (developed by my friends at Through A Dog’s Ear) helps prevent and reduce canine stress and anxiety and is used in private homes, veterinary surgeries, daycares, grooming parlors and shelters. I developed the Canine Noise Phobia Series in conjunction with leading sound researcher Joshua Leeds and concert pianist Lisa Spector, the creators of the incomparable Through a Dog’s Ear. They are the leaders in their field and have helped prevent and reduce stress for millions of dogs around the world. So when they said they wanted to tell me about their new idea, I was very excited.  Now as I write this I am listening to more of their beautiful music from a small device that is again revolutionizing the way we prevent and treat canine stress.

The latest creation of Through a Dog's Ear is called iCalmDog, a portable player for the calm dog on the go.  I think they should also call it iCalmVictoria because I’m feeling very relaxed just listening to it.

iCalmDog comes with four hours of clinically tested calming music on automatic repeat and is the size of a Labrador’s paw.  It’s a dog’s security blanket at home or can be taken to the groomer, vet clinic, dog sitter’s, on vacation, to the boarding facility and beyond.

iCalmDog includes music that has been clinically demonstrated to relieve canine anxiety issues, so for a trainer like myself who regularly works with stressed out dogs, it’s a blessing.  Check it out for yourself by going to: www.throughadogsear.com/icalmdog.

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