3-Year-Old Dog Attack Victim Asked to Leave KFC

KFC-puts-30000-toward-medical-bills-for-scarred-girl-kicked-out-of-restaurant_lgImagine being a young child and being physically and emotionally scarred by a dog attack. The damage to one's self-esteem and confidence can be crippling. Now imagine that you were asked to leave a restaurant because your scars "scared" the other customers. That's exactly what happened to three-year-old Victoria Wilcher, and now the country is rallying behind her.

Several months ago, Victoria was the victim of an attack by three of her grandfather's dogs. He and his girlfriend have since been arrested on child endangerment charges, and the dogs were euthanized. Victoria was left with severe facial scars, loss of sight in her right eye, and she cannot move the right side of her face.

Victoria's grandmother, Kelly Mullins, says they stopped into KFC to get Victoria some mashed potatoes and sweet tea. She was on a feeding tube at the time, so that's all she could eat on her own. It wasn't long before they were asked to leave because "her face is disrupting our customers."

Mullins says that Victoria understood exactly what was said, and cried all the way home. Now she won't look in the mirror anymore, and is embarrassed to be out in public.

KFC responded by donating $30,000 towards Victoria's medical bills, but has the real damage already been done?

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