2017 UK Dog Bite Prevention & Behaviour Conference

Registration is now open12341478_10153878666978825_2524802474167061083_n for the fourth annual UK Dog Bite Prevention and Behaviour Conference which will be held on the south London campus of Kingston University on June 24-25, 2017.

Now in its fourth year, this annual gathering of the leading minds in the animal world has become the UK’s preeminent dog training and behaviour-related conference, featuring a world-class lineup of presenters, a breadth of unique topics and concepts covered which is unmatched in the industry, and a commitment to providing education and inspiration for all attendees.

Renowned dog behavior expert and TV personality Victoria Stilwell is once again bringing together many of the world’s top canine behaviour experts, university scholars, specialists and thought leaders to explore topical animal-related concepts, the social and behavioural issue of aggression and dog bite prevention, innovative approaches to understanding and communicating with our domestic dogs and more.

2017 Conference Presenter List:

Victoria Stilwell, Chirag Patel & Kamal Fernandez take part in the 2016 DBC presenter panel discussion.

Victoria Stilwell, Chirag Patel & Kamal Fernandez take part in the 2016 DBC presenter panel discussion.

      • Grisha Stewart, Dog behaviour expert and founder of B.A.T.
      • Chirag Patel, Certified pet behaviour expert
      • Niki Tudge, Founder and president of the Pet Professional Guild and director of the Doggone Safe program
      • Daniel Mills, Professor of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine, University of Lincoln
      • Guy Williams, Police dog trainer and author of Positive Police Dogs
      • Sarah FisherT-touch practitioner and behaviour counselor
      • Kamal FernandezRenowned dog trainer
      • Kendal Shepherd, Renowned veterinary surgeon and Clinical Animal Behaviourist
      • Victoria Stilwell, dog behaviour expert, creator of It’s Me or the Dog, founder of Victoria Stilwell Academy*

Eventbrite - 2017 National Dog Bite Prevention & Behaviour Conference

"I'm just starting out in the dog world having been a people trainer for the last 20 years. For me this conference was invaluable. It has opened my eyes up to so many things and my head hasn't stopped spinning yet. Thank you for such an amazing experience."
--2016 Dog Bite Conference Attendee

The Dog Bite Prevention and Behaviour Conference (DBC) is unique among dog industry events in terms of the quality and scope of its presentations, while also fostering and celebrating an inspirational sense of community among like-minded dog owners, trainers, wardens, veterinary professionals, organizational leaders, groomers, responsible breeders, walkers and general animal lovers.

The 2017 DBC will also serve as the kickoff event for the UK’s 3rd annual Dog Bite Prevention Week, providing opportunities for attendees to engage in ways to affect meaningful change in their communities regarding the universal problem of aggression and dog bites through education and heightened awareness. The 2017 Dog Bite Prevention Week will run from June 25-July 2, 2017.

Included Topics:

Victoria Stilwell with Professor Daniel Mills at the 2016 DBC at Lincoln University.

Victoria Stilwell with Professor Daniel Mills at the 2016 DBC at Lincoln University.

  • Reducing frustration by giving dogs outlets for natural behaviours
  • Helping dogs make choices
  • Exploring the value of searching and tracking games for dogs
  • Benefits of positive training for apprehension law enforcement dogs
  • How unmet needs lead to behaviour problems
  • Techniques used to address fear in dogs (benefits of BAT 2.0)
  • Empowerment and communication as bite prevention tools
  • How professionals can teach children to be Doggone Safe - the fun way to learn!
  • What happens after a dog bite?
  • The dangerous dog dilemma
  • Danger zone: how to conduct a safe assessment of a dangerous dog
  • Effective communication with dogs under extreme stress
  • Interpreting the behaviour of kenneled dogs
  • Mislabeling dogs as dominant and/or stubborn
  • How to effectively lobby for better legislation
  • and more*

"The DBC is an excellent opportunity to network. I attended initially as an interested party (being on my second people-reactive dog) and out of my networking, I have ended up enrolled on a canine behaviour and training degree programme, planning a future in canine welfare. I love the mix of academic and practical that the conference provides and think it found the 'just right' balance of the two."
--2016 Dog Bite Conference Attendee

What’s New in 2017?

Due to popular demand, Victoria is bringing back many of the heralded speakers from previous conferences while also inviting some exciting new presenters. The format of the event has been enhanced from previous years to now include complimentary lunches as well as tea and coffee as part of the registration fee. The Victoria Stilwell Academy is also hosting a Saturday night networking cocktail social for all attendees with free drinks and canapes as part of standard registration.

The National Dog Bite Prevention and Behaviour Conference is open to everyone including dog lovers, dog trainers, groomers, pet sitters and dog walkers, animal shelter workers and other animal care professionals, as well as dog wardens, law enforcement, educators, veterinarians and legal and medical professionals.

Get more information about the conference and register by clicking here or below.


Attendees at the 2016 DBC in Lincoln.

Attendees at the 2016 DBC in Lincoln.

"A brilliant conference. I brought so much away with me; expanding personal knowledge, practical things that I can implement on a day to day basis and ideas for areas in which I can improve my own dog training business."
--2016 Dog Bite Conference Attendee

*Speakers and topics subject to change

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