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4 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. K9mutt Training

    I have a question that I have not been able to find any article or behavior studies on this - hoping you may know of one. I just like everyone who reads this is against shock collars. I do not allow anything like that in any classes and if someone wants me to work with their dog I will not allow them on the dog. Last year at the local county fair I was at the table at the college I have group classes through. Catty corner to us was a franchise company known for using only shock collars. I had brought one of my therapy dogs with me to meet and great the public -- also several others I know that had therapy dogs did this also. Every time the shock collar was used on the dogs ( you can see them move their head when they do ) our dogs that are trained to be around people in distress ALL gave signs that there was distress and concern in their direction. Much like if they hear a crying child in a store they immediately alert us to the distress. I have long believed that dogs that have the collar on put out a sound of distress that other dogs can hear not humans. The dogs reaction to the situation made me believe it even more so. I had 3 meetings in the same place and each time no matter what dog we had there it did the same thing. Even one of our dogs that is DEAF reacted to the other dogs getting shocked. So do you know where there might be some information that would help to back up my theory. Thanks for all your help.

  2. Barbara Carter

    I have a 18 week paterdale cross. Jack Russell he has just started to go walks. Short ones. He was not confident Niels he is he really pulls with collar. Did he ought to have a harness and if so what sort

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