NOW HIRING: Positively Content Coordinator

Position Description:

The Positively Content Coordinator will manage the migration process for existing content from the current website to a newly-redesigned version, identify areas of need for new content prior to relaunch, coordinate ongoing new content post-relaunch, and contribute new written content to the Positively ecosystem.

This position will report directly to the CEO and be responsible for managing a small internal team alongside various external contractor-based team members. A core skill needed for this position is the flexibility to adapt as needed among various content-related projects, and the ability to embrace new challenges with a spirit of creative problem-solving.

Victoria firmly believes that no one – including herself – should ever be ‘done’ learning and evolving, especially as it relates to our understanding of dogs and the way they think, feel, learn, and experience our domestic world. The Positively mission is to educate, engage and empower dogs and their guardians to help them live their best, most fulfilled lives together. This position will assume the critical responsibility of translating that ever-evolving goal effectively to dog guardians via the website as well as other VS-related properties.

Victoria Stilwell Positively is currently looking for an accomplished writer who is creative, organized, and adaptable with a background in progressive dog training & behavior to join the Positively team and fill its new Positively Content Coordinator position.

This part-time (at least 20 hrs/week) work-from-home position will be competitively salaried, with the likelihood of growing to a full-time position within the next 3-9 months. Candidates around the world are eligible to apply. Benefits are not available currently but could potentially be included at a later date.

To apply, read the required skills and responsibilities on this page and complete the form below, including all requested upload material.


Position Details:

  • Start Date:  ASAP
  • Work from home
  • Part-time (20 hrs/wk) with potential to become full-time
  • Compensation:  Salaried, $625/week
  • No benefits, but potentially in the future


The Positively Content Coordinator should:

  • Be an excellent writer
  • Have an in-depth knowledge of and passion for progressive dog training and behavior
  • Share Victoria’s passion for the Positively mission
  • Be an accomplished editor of other contributors’ work
  • Have the skills to ensure consistency of ‘voice’ throughout written content
  • Be able to work with elite effectiveness both:
    • Independently with self-identified goals and milestones
    • Collaboratively within the Positively team environment as part of a group
  • Be flexible, ambitious and creative, both as a writer and as an identifier of new opportunities available to the Positively ecosystem
  • Have excellent people communication and management skills
  • Have excellent organizational skills
  • Be technologically ‘literate’ as well as embrace and be able to use new technology effectively and adaptively
  • Have proficiency with Google Drive/Sheets/Docs and general Excel capabilities
  • Enjoy helping to shape the future of dog training


 Position Responsibilities:

  • Oversee and coordinate the migration of written content to a newly-redesigned version of the website.
    • Coordinate a stable of internal and external contributors, identifying the worthiness of existing content based on Positively’s evolving ideology, then then either execute or assign and manage the editing and/or re-writing of that content
    • Identify where new content is needed, then either execute or assign and manage the creation of that new content
    • Manage the insertion of all content into both the new website’s Content Management System and any applicable offline content lists and databases
    • Work with Positively’s SEO and marketing team members to ensure consistency of practice and ‘voice’ within all new platform content.
  • Manage the relaunched website’s content.
    • Write new website content as needed, including:
      • blog posts about training/behavior
      • marketing/announcement posts
      • social media post blurbs
      • newsletter content
      • new product and service offering announcements and promotions
    • Manage, edit and publish new content from contributors
    • Identify new content opportunities and regularly communicate these to Positively contributors
    • Recruit new high-level contributors
  • Assist in content writing needs of other Positively/VSA/VSPDT platforms within the overall ecosystem.


To apply for the Positively Content Coordinator position, click here.

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