Looking for quality kennels in UK for long term stay

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Looking for quality kennels in UK for long term stay

Post by stellatsar » Wed Mar 23, 2016 6:46 am

Dears, I know maybe this has been post previously. I am a new member (or renewed better) and I am looking for quality kennels in UK for long term stay. I am saying UK because they are true pet lovers. I have tried kennels all over Europe and the level of attention is never good. I have not been happy from any kennel so far, be it good and referenced, ISO certified, run by vets or pet lovers, always there have been problems and some severe ones re. health.

So please send me links of kennels that my pets can stay for long term as I am working all over the world in often long term missions of 2 years with short breaks. I want kennels (price is not an issue) where my pets can feel at home. I have seen wonderful farms in UK doing that, so something like this I would be looking for where people excel in attention because love does not mean anything if the neglect is so severe that lead almost to death as 2 of my pets have allergy and chronic renal failure.

Thanks to the community of Victoria's friends that is for me a quality mark.

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Re: Looking for quality kennels in UK for long term stay

Post by Erica » Wed Mar 23, 2016 8:12 am

I am not in the UK so no specifics, but for such a long stay I would personally be looking for my dog to live with someone in their home rather than a kennel environment. Maybe I'm biased, as someone who dogsits in homes rather than a facility, but most families who have previously boarded their dog in a kennel have told me their dog seems happier and more relaxed after in-home dogsitting rather than boarding. The dog will likely get more attention and more room to move about (a house vs a kennel run) for most of the time, and they won't have a large rotating group of relatively unknown dogs interacting with them. That's my two cents, anyways!
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Re: Looking for quality kennels in UK for long term stay

Post by JudyN » Thu Mar 24, 2016 12:58 pm

Stellastar, I've deleted your other post as it wasn't in the appropriate section, and it can be confusing if the same post appears twice - it's much better to keep all the responses in one place :D
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