Barking at Me

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Barking at Me

Post by jazzyt73 » Thu May 12, 2011 10:50 am


I have a 7 month old Maltipoo. As cute as he is, he is becoming quite the terror. I have only had him for 2 months and do not know about his past history. He barks at me ALL the time at our apartment. If other people are over, he doesn't do it. If he comes to my boyfriend's with me, he doesn't do it either. He's the perfect little dog at these times. BUT when it is just the 2 of us, he just barks barks barks (I mean, he will do it on-off for hours and hours)! He does it for attention (he always wants to play). I take him out for walks multiple times a day (usually 2 that are long), I play ball with him in the house every day, when I leave him I have the Kong Toy for him (as well as many others). Even when he has play dates and goes to the dog park he still will bark at me later. He is definitely a high energy dog and he will bark when he gets excited and wants more attention from people he meets, but he's really pretty good when it's not just me and him. I try to ignore him, but he is relentless (and I live in an apartment, so I cannot exactly let him back for hours on end to teach him). Please help! I'm at my wit's end! I can't easily do the time-out technique because he just runs around really fast so that I can't catch him.

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Re: Barking at Me

Post by ladybug1802 » Thu May 12, 2011 11:15 am

With the time out, you dont have to put the dog out of the room. If your dog runs around, chasing him is making it more fun for him as for him, it is a game! So instead, you get up and leave the room for 10 seconds, and then come back in as if nothing has happened. If he does it again, repeat it. You may have to do it a LOT at first, so you will be getting up and down, but it does work.

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